Kate Middleton and Prince William Banished From Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas By Camilla Parker-Bowles

Kate Middleton and Prince William Banished From Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas By Camilla Parker-Bowles

Kate Middleton and Prince William will be missing Queen Elizabeth’s traditional Christmas celebration at Sandringham due to cruel Camilla Parker-Bowles. Women are a vicious bunch when they feel slighted. It’s just the truth. It’s ingrained in even the nicest women to flip a switch and get catty when we feel threatened.  That said, there is a royal resentment growing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. Camilla Parker-Bowles absolutely cannot stand Kate Middleton and the sweeter Kate’s life gets, the more vindictive Camilla gets.

Camilla has never exactly been liked amongst the royals, she is simply tolerated. She obviously is the love of Prince Charles’ life and so the family has accepted her as such, but they don’t like her. As Charles drafts long, rambling letters about nonsense Camilla downs another bottle of her favorite bubbly and complains about her life. Think I’m kidding? Take another look at that recent trip she took to a retreat (ahem, rehab) in India!

Enter Kate, the thorn in Camilla’s side. She’s stunning, has style and is loved by everyone. She has all the things going for her that Camilla lacks and it is what first started the resentment. At the very least Camilla could hang onto the fact that her husband would eventually be king- at least until now. Supposedly the Queen has promised Prince William that he would be next to ascend the throne if he and Kate produced an heir before she died. Apparently, if the rumors are true, he and Kate may be expecting twins rather than just one baby.

Camilla is a train wreck. Kate is now being blamed for taking the one thing left that she had hoped for- seeing Charles on the throne. Kate is a smart lady and no doubt has felt the glossy-eyed glare of Camilla on a whole bunch of occasions, but things clearly have escalated. So much so that Kate can’t even stomach spending the holiday with Camilla so she and William will be celebrating on the 25th with the Middletons, far away from Camilla’s drama in Newton. Can you really blame her? Camilla is just nutty enough that Kate likely feels like she needs to protect her baby from the stress that Camilla will bring.

How unhinged do you think Camilla will become before all is said and done? Will she drink herself into oblivion? Will the palace continue to hide her outbursts and bad behavior while Kate suffers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  2. ballen1133 says:

    What a false headline! Banished by Camilla–she doesn’t have the power in that family to do that. I just hate the way media makes false statements and then you read the article and that is not the way things went down at all.

  3. Fi says:

    Camilla has been married to Charles for seven-ish years now, and it seems like she’s pretty comfy in her role. She’s taken on a condescending attitude to Kate. She needs to take a look in the mirror, as she wasn’t born a royal either! Seems like jealousy affects people of all ages.

  4. I thought one inherited the throne, I didn’t know a monarch could chose who will succeed them. Charles would have to abdicate for William to become King.

  5. Belinda Bell says:

    Camilla the witch is ready to redo herself in order to become queen by going under scalpel for a mere $117,000 pounds. Since she needs a total overhaul, who knows if we’ll recognize her at first… Well, maybe when she starts talking and being mean again.

    • smileymarie5 says:

      I’m with you there. Camilla needs a complete overhaul, I just do not think there is much that can be done , even fot that amount.

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  7. smileymarie5 says:

    How ridiculous. Camilla needs to disappear . I’m thinking Camilla has “Old Hag Syndrome”,of course she is going to be jealous of Kate. Kate is everything Camilla wanted to be. I believe the Monarchy would be in trouble if Charles becomes king. He needs to do whats best for the Country, Charles needs to abdicate to William.

  8. sunshine says:

    Duchess Kate should not have to stand up to Camilla on her own, she is the wife of the Prince of Wales and Kate is married to Prince William; between these two men, there must be something they can do to bring this woman to heel. If this woman Camilla makes Kate feel unsafe,,,etc, they, the two of them i.e. The Prince of Wales and Prince William should get this sorted and categorically so. This Camilla needs to leave Duchess Kate alone, and if she cannot, then Prince William will need to get this all sorted. Duchess Kate should have the space and time in which to prepare herself for the birth of her first born in peace. Just so she knows, having her first child will be like no other experience in her life and one that she will treasure always. She should not let poor thinking meddlers into her psychological space during the run up to the birth of her child, her focus should now be narrowed in on three people: herself, her husband and the wonderful blessing in the form of her baby whom she will be ushering into this world. God Bless her and her family

    All the very best to her, Prince William and her immediate family.

    I look forward to helping her welcome her first born into the world – there is nothing on earth better and more magical than that.