Prince William Defends Kate Middleton From Camilla Parker-Bowles’ Drunken Jealous Rage

Prince William Defends Kate Middleton From Camilla Parker-Bowles' Drunken Jealous Rage

Prince William has been forced to come to his lovely wife’s defense once again. Kate Middleton has come under attack from a drunk and jealous Camilla Parker-Bowlesover the release of stunning and sexy photos. When revealing honeymoon photos of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were released by Woman’s Day Australia a few weeks back, Camilla went insane.  The previously unreleased photos display gorgeous Kate in sexy bikini poses revealing her slim and toned physique. When Camilla saw these pics, which show off Kate’s incomparable figure, she practically had apoplexy and ran immediately for the bottle!

Camilla once again used alcohol as a nerve tonic and after getting good and drunk appealed to Prince Charles to use his influence to attempt to have Kate’s sexy photos banned. Her ostensible reason for wanting Kate’s photos suppressed was that they degraded and embarrassed the royal family.  Of course the truth is that Camilla was just insanely jealous of Kate’s ‘fabulous figure.’ An insider reveals: “The truth is Camilla just couldn’t bear the thought of people comparing her to Kate and making snide remarks about her dowdy appearance.

GLOBE Print Edition, August 6 tells the story of how cruel Camilla reacted to learning that Kate had once again captured the spotlight:

In a fit of drunken rage Prince William’s jealous stepmother accused her arch rival of ‘embarrassing’ the royal family by flaunting her dazzling body on sun-drenched beaches.

Palace sources tell GLOBE the 65-year-old Duchess of Cornwall is so envious of 30-year-old Kate’s fabulous figure, she desperately demanded that new photos of the beauty be banned!

After the photos were published in an Australian magazine, Camilla’s friends down under bombarded her cell phone with text messages containing sexy snapshots from the printed pages.

“Camilla was furious and immediately grabbed for the bottle – even though she promised to keep her drinking under control in return for the chance to become the next Queen,” a source says.

“She branded young Kate a brazen Hussey and accused her of exposing herself in public and embarrassing the royal family. She made sure her Majesty heard about the honeymoon photos – and others which show William’s love in a bikini.”

“And she told William’s father, Prince Charles, he should take steps to stop the pictures from being published anywhere else.”

“William is outraged Camilla is using bikini pictures to humiliate his innocent wife,” another source tells Globe.” He even protested to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth about Camilla’s relentless campaign to smear Kate. Her Majesty was sympathetic she thinks the world of Kate and – despite public appearances – can’t stand Camilla!”

Camilla is some piece of work.  Imagine the gall on the woman – criticizing wonderful Kate!  Let’s remember that while Charles was married to Princess Diana he was carrying on a torrid affair with Camilla – and she was married at the time to Andrew Parker-Bowles!!  Let’s be serious here for a minute – if Kate posed nude for Playboy could it be more embarrassing to the royal family than the future King and Queen cheating on their respective spouses?


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  2. Gina Guillotine says:

    Once again, her name has not been Camilla Parker-Bowles since she married CHARLES!  She is CAMILLA WINDSOR!

    • Jody says:

       and it is william wales but so what – we call him prince william – we name people by how they are known – not by their formal names – we are not writing the blue book – but thanks anyway

      • Gina Guillotine says:

         Fine.  If you’re going to call him Prince William, then call Camilla something related to her title.  She is the Duchess of Cornwall, so what about Duchess Camilla?  How about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, or just the Duchess of Cornwall?  At least those would be more accurate than a name which hasn’t legally been hers since 2005!!

        And since I’m here, Kate’s name isn’t Kate Middleton anymore, either.  She’s a duchess, as well.  Duchess Kate?

        • whydoyoucare? says:

          you must really be up on the royal family.  but us common folk just know who people are talking about if they just say camilla or kate.

        • whydoyoucare? says:

          you must really be up on the royal family.  but us common folk just know who people are talking about if they just say camilla or kate.

        • James Reyes says:

          Of course Kate is still Middleton, this is her maiden name and is as valid for her as any other woman. To your original point, however, Camilla is no longer Parker-Bowles, but Camilla Shand.

          • ALIZA MASOOD says:


  3. Julia says:

    False source – Camilla would never become Queen even if Charles became King – She would be called Queen Consort, and that is what she would be, consort to the King.  Kind of fitting she isn’t able to become Queen, considering what she and Charles did to Diana.  Shame on the both of them – They should do the right thing and let William rule.  They have shamed and tainted the throne far to much to rule from it.

    • Jody says:

       obviously… but we call her Queen to make the point – we know she would be Queen Consort and yes, how apt a title for her!

  4. Jody says:

     so u liked it i guess?  cool!

  5. Camilla is so pathetic. Kate Middleton is gorgeous, and a class act. She is a role model for girls and women everywhere. She has a beautiful body and every right to wear a bikini – sorry Camilla, we’re not living back in your “heyday” (if you ever even had one) where maillots were considered “daring”… get with the times! Good for William for sticking up for his wife! It’s great how in love they really seem to be. I hope that’s the true case. :)

    • Gina Guillotine says:

       Camilla is detestable, and so are Princess Bea and Princess Genie (names screwed up on purpose to be completely disrespectful). 

      Poor Kate.  She’s got a tough row to hoe as the newest member of the Firm, and having no royal blood whatsoever.  Yikes.  I don’t envy her at all.

  6. whydoyoucare? says:

    jealousy is a terrible thing.  camilla need not throw stones – kate looks great and it’s not like she was lounging around the palace and going on public engagements in a bikini – she was at the beach on her honeymoon for gods sake.  camilla needs to sit down and shut up.

  7. whydoyoucare? says:

    jealousy is a terrible thing.  camilla need not throw stones – kate looks great and it’s not like she was lounging around the palace and going on public engagements in a bikini – she was at the beach on her honeymoon for gods sake.  camilla needs to sit down and shut up.

  8. whydoyoucare? says:

    camilla is old and jealous of the young and beautiful kate.  it’s not like she was appearing at a public royal engagement – she was at the beach on her honeymoon.  what did camilla expect her to wear?  a scuba suit maybe?

  9. whydoyoucare? says:

    camilla is old and jealous of the young and beautiful kate.  it’s not like she was appearing at a public royal engagement – she was at the beach on her honeymoon.  what did camilla expect her to wear?  a scuba suit maybe?

  10. Suze7 says:

    Why should Kate curtsy to Camilla? Camilla is a whore and a home wrecker. Also, Camilla has no royal blood in her at all. Diana would still be alive if Camilla had respect for the sacrament of marriage. She has proven that she doesn’t. Camilla cheated on her own husband and then slept with Diana’s husband. She is a real piece of work. The King and Queen of England are also the head of the Church of England. They should be England’s exemplars and role models of all that is good, kind, and fair, while representing their country as goodwill ambassadors. Philip and Camilla have proven themselves untrustworthy, disloyal, and unworthy adulterers. Their promises and oaths are worthless. Camilla has had a lot of plastic surgery, but nothing can help her looks. Camilla is voted as one the of the Worlds Ten Most Ugly Women. She’s not only ugly on the outside, she’s ugly on the inside, too. Her brand of ugly goes all the way down to the bones.


  12. camilla is nothing but a homewreaking jelous old pshycotic person she is clearly jelous that kate is more prettier, more respected and obviously in a better marriage than her its quiet clear that even the queen loves kate and dispieses camilia i think she shold grow up and wake up to her self if she wants to be part of the royal family she needs to be the part, i wish the PRINCESS OF WALES THE PEOPLES PRINCESS was alive kate and her are both beautiful and in some sense have quiet alot in common. PRINCE CHARLES grow some balls and stick up for your son and daughter inlaw isnt blood thicker than water william hasnt got his mum to turn to and your suposed to be a loving father, kate and wlliam should be king and queen they have heaps more respect from the public and they are in a real love marriage not like charles and camilia in a marriage thats talking of devorce THANKS FOR LETTING ME RANT :)

  13. richard says:

    Another piece of garbage story that someone made up.

  14. CH53 says:

    You would think the next Queen of England would have more class than to be photographed topless.

    Diana was a class act.

    Everyone loves Kate except me – she has a mean girl face. Yes she is physically beautiful but her eyes are mean.

    As for Camilla, why would Prince Charles throw Diana away for that horse? All the “royals” suck big time if you ask me. They are a bunch of psychopaths.

    Time to kick them off the millions of dollars the English People pay them and make them do a honest days work. But people are so stupid going into the 21st Century and we still have monarchies.

    The English (really German) monarchy has been one of the most ruthless in history.

    I still feel bad about Princess Diana being murdered, a covert and private execution called a “accident”.

    Charles and Camilla deserve each other.

  15. James Webb says:

    Who on earth dreams this rubbish up? They would have a great career in the happy never after fairy tale business.

  16. sick of royals says:

    who cares if Kate looks amazing in the nearly nude, or nude pics? if she had been post pregnancy; fat and ugly would everyone be so quick to defend her? she is “royalty” and no one has known her long enough to form an opinion of her being “innocent” or not. she is just a girl who married into money. she is no different than any other middle class woman marrying above her status in life. so what? who cares? the average UK citizen will not rub elbows with her, will never know her and most likely will never even sit in the same room as her or any of the other silver spoon fed British royals. quit getting your panties in a twist over something so mundane. the only reason why ppl even care about William, Harry, or Kate is because Princess Diane (as insecure and somewhat selfish as she was) was the first of the royals to both break molds and also give back to humanity in a way that the other stuffy stiff backed royals never did. Diane was the people’s princess, and her legacy will live on, William will only ever be the son of Diane and Kate will only ever be William’s wife. Kate brings nothing so far that I can see to the table to even come close to filling the shoes of her dead mother-in-law. its pretty sad that a woman like Kate can grab the attention of everyone in the world simply buy taking her top off on a yacht on an expensive honeymoon. I am so sick of hearing about the royals from England I live in America for crying out loud I don’t care about some other country’s unelected figure heads.

  17. Zinoka says:

    I personally hate the Windsor family for their usurpation of my families throne and the persecution of my clan after my families exile from Scotland. I’m glad 1 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence had the blood of a royal, and was also a key figure in casting off the reins of corrupt rule.

  18. Delia Cooper says:

    This is complete and utter fabrication. Camilla is friends with Kates mother and father from many yrs ago so i highly doubt the truth in this,she was also tea total till she wed charles and enjoys a small gin and tonic with the queen only when at sandringham, her champagne glass at events always has water in it.

  19. ROCKBEARE says:

    What a tragic embarrassment Charles must be for his
    parents by cavorting with the despicable Camilla. Various depraved telephone
    calls are published where Charles states? he wants to be whore Camillas TAMPAX
    as he was too stupid to use a secure line. Then the legality of his ‘marriage’
    is questionable as this was not undertaken by Anglican clergy as required under
    English law for members of the Royal family. The sooner these two wanton
    parasites are? removed from the face of the earth the better!

  20. Debbie McGee says:

    Camilla is in for a rude awakening if she compares herself to an exceptionally beautiful young woman more than 1/2 her age. She needs to mind her own business-she was a drunken adultress who cheated on her own husband, and broke up the marriage of Charles and Dianna. Charles & Camilla make a fab pair-they are both uninteresting, dowdy and frumpy. Camilla is the embarrassment to the royal family, not Kate. I don’t think it’s illegal to wear a bikini w/ your husband.

  21. truffle19 says:

    Ha! This was written by “Dr.” Jody Overland. Just some of her magnificent and objective prose, “Camilla is some piece of work. Imagine the gall on the woman – criticizing wonderful Kate!” Too funny.

  22. Luis Kenny says:

    I would bang the shit out of kate

  23. niklet says:

    I wonder how much of this stuff is fabricated and how much is accurate?