GLOBE: Prince William Demands Prince Charles Keep Camilla Parker-Bowles Away From Kate Middleton

GLOBE: Prince William Demands Prince Charles Keep Camilla Parker-Bowles Away From Kate Middleton

The Royal Family is split as an ugly row between Prince William and his dear old dad, Prince Charles, threatens to permanently estrange the two. GLOBE reports on this week’s cover (July 30th edition) that William has demanded that Charles keep his evil wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, away from his precious darling, Kate Middleton.

Since Queen Elizabeth II decreed that Kate must show deference and curtsy to senior royals whenever Prince William isn’t around, Camilla has been exploiting the rule to lord it over poor Kate.  The blood princes and princesses, as well as other senior royals, were so upset with Kate’s privileged position by Her Majesty’s side during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations that they petitioned Elizabeth to put Kate in her place once and for all.  So now Kate curtsies…

Of course, in terms of pedigree, Kate is far below these blue bloods and despite the fact that she will one day be Queen Consort they are punishing her now.  No one is more delighted by Kate’s humiliation than Camilla-Parker Bowles.  Camilla recently confronted Kate in the palace and a ruckus ensued!  As GLOBE reported in last week’s print edition (July 23rd), upon encountering Kate in a palace corridor Camilla said: ‘You must curtsy to me – right now!’  But Kate fired right back at crazy Camilla ‘Never! You make me sick!’

Camilla has already seen to it that the Queen decide to have Charles ascend to the throne.  This nasty shock sent William on a drunken binge.  But to add insult to injury Kate is now expected to genuflect before the madwoman!   The print edition provides the entire report on the battle between William and his dad – and we get to learn all the latest palace scandal and gossip. You can just imagine how heated matters have become between Will and Charles over batty Camilla.

The week’s GLOBE also explores alleged issues concerning the legitimacy of President Obama’s identification relating to his Social Security card.

GLOBE also covers evidence from two new witnesses in the Natalie Wood murder investigation that ‘blow the case wide open.’  No doubt that Natalie’s death and the subsequent investigation whitewash leave many questions unanswered.

Trust GLOBE to explore the issues bravely and lead us to the truth.  I’ll be first in line to buy my copy of this week’s edition so I can stay up to date on all the hottest stories!  With GLOBE I never have to settle for a censored half-truth – GLOBE always delivers the full inside story that keeps me informed and provides hours of entertaining reading.

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