Kate Middleton Calls Camilla Parker-Bowles A Wrinkly Old Rhino


Kate Middleton has referred to her step-mother-in-law, Camilla Parker-Bowles, as a wrinkly old rhinoceros! It seems that Kate Middleton and Prince William consider Prince Charles’second wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, to be an enemy. Camilla stands between William and the throne as she continually agitates for her husband’s ascendancy.

Camilla works full-time to see Charles crowned King of England and herself named Queen consort.  She goes about her tricky business both by convincing Charles to assert his right to be the next monarch and by slyly working to undermine Queen Elizabeth II’s confidence in her grandson.

GLOBE Print Edition, July 9th has the inside story: Seeing video of William on TV feeding Zawadi , a 2 ton black rhino, Kate teased him, saying, “you didn’t tell me how you had a date with Camilla.”

William shot back that “the old girl” looks even more wrinkly and leathery up close! With that they burst into uncontrollable giggles.

Still the joke did little to ease their bitter disappointment at the Queen’s decision to put Prince Charles on the throne instead of William.

As GLOBE revealed last week, the prince was “stabbed in the back” by his father, Charles 63, and his plotting wife, Camilla, 64, during Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Still, Kate was able to cheer up her hubby who is campaigning to save the endangered rhinoceros from poachers. He was filmed feeding Zawadi, who was raised in England is being shipped back to Africa for release into the wild. “When she saw William with that rhino, she howled with laughter and immediately christened the beast ‘Camilla’ says the source. “She phoned William and made him smile for the first time in days. William recalls his mother had dubbed Camilla ‘The Rottweiler,’ and says Kate’s name fit his evil stepmom even better.” 

Not only did Camilla steal Charles from William’s late mom, Princess Diana, but she recently added insult to injury her by saying Diana was mentally ill!  I think it is fair to say that neither William nor Kate are fans of the wrinkly old rhino.  What do you think?