Kate Middleton Baby Due Any Day, Royal Gynecologist Reports He’s Stopped Drinking In Preparation

Kate Middleton Baby Due Any Day, Royal Gynecologist Reports He's Stopped Drinking In Preparation 0703

Well, God damn, is that all you need to do? Hell, I can give up the bottle to help out in the delivery room. No… I can’t. Clearly this is a better and more motivated man than me.

Royal Gynecologist, Marcus Setchell, got tongues wagging over the weekend after he was overheard telling friends at a charity cricket match that he has given up drinking in preparation of the royal birth. It seems that bit of odd news along with a few other signs has many believing that the Kate Middleton baby may be due any day now. Hooray!

Other tips as to the earlier birth? The Telegraph cites the hospital. As you’ve probably seen, media has already started setting up outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington where Kate is expected to give birth. There’s now also a notice by the main entrance block booking four spaces for the entire month for an unnamed “event”. The taxi rank has also been suspended until July 15. Could be coincidence but also could be it’s covering its bases.

Then, there’s also the fact that Kate skipped out on Prince William for the Thomas van Straubenzee wedding. There’s really no reason she couldn’t have gone if she wasn’t due until mid-July like the palace has said. But she could still be fibbing about that due date. The Telegraph figures Kate probably took a turn from Princess Diana and fudged the numbers to keep the media off base. It doesn’t look like they’re falling for it this time though, does it? Still, if she is pulling a Diana, that baby is expected around July 3-4. So any day now. Are you excited?? Let’s just hope everything goes well for the first time mom. We know one thing – the doc in charge won’t be drunk – so at least she’s got that going for her.


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  4. Victoria McGuire says:

    I am so happy for them and the QUeen, who is said to be really happy to welcome the next royal heir. I,m excited too and keep checking the new as I also believe the royal bundle will arrive much sooner. Maybe no later than the 7thl.

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