Kate Middleton Battles Interfering Royals, Demands Prince William Be In Delivery Room

Kate Middleton Battles Interfering Royals, Demands Prince William Be In Delivery Room 0517

I feel like it’s been months since I’ve written about these crazy kids. It’s probably just been a couple days but after Kate Middleton’s non-stop two weeks of work this lull seems particularly boring. Sure, she’s been spotted out shopping and eating muffins with her mom but I WANT PICTURES! Why is it Kim Kardashian’s flashing her bump every other second but Kate stays hidden? Oh, right… class.

So the tabloids reached back into their tried and true and gave us another Kate is really stronger than we think and battles the royals constantly over her unborn baby and future story. This one involves the upcoming delivery room. Prince William is not a definite on that invite yet I guess. It seems royal tradition is for men to stay out of that whole mess but Diana bucked tradition and made Charles help out and Kate is determined to do the same. This seems odd to me. Of course William would be in the room. He’s all about filming, remember? But is this a cultural thing? In America it seems whole families are watching the show nowadays. I just watched A Baby Story episode and, I shit you not, this women invited 16 friends and family to watch her give birth while she was completely naked. I had to change the channel. I know it’s considered beautiful and everything… but god damn. Will Kate go that route? Will Carole Middleton and Pippa Middleton each hold a leg? Christ, I hope not.

Now magazine reports the Kate Middleton delivery hospital is still up in the air but wherever she has the baby, the royal family will most likely stay away as is custom however the Middletons will probably be there. I bet Kate would allow Carole in the delivery room with William because they seem comfortable together but perhaps James, Pippa and Michael can hang in the waiting room. I can’t imagine William wanting to have a whole audience there, can you? With William you always get the feeling that less is more and that he would like to experience things privately with Kate before he allows others around. Whatever floats your boat. Just watch those nurses and their camera phones!


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