Prince William Excited To Film Kate Middleton In Labor But She’s Not Feeling It

Prince William Excited To Film Kate Middleton In Labor But She's Not Feeling It 0408

Oh God, this is a major conundrum. On the one hand I want this to happen more than anything in the world. Prince William can film Kate Middleton’s labor and then they can bring the tape home and Prince Harry can find it and show it to his friends one night while drunk and then one of them can steal it and sell it to the tabloids and then we’d all get to see it (yes, I know I’m a sick degenerate but go ahead and keep pretending you wouldn’t watch if it was available!). On the other hand, who the hell wants to watch a video of themselves in labor? Isn’t going through it enough? And I know there are a lot of you out there who have done this. If it floats your boat go for it. All I’m saying is that we’ve already seen the royal vadge once this year. Why take the chance of us seeing it again?

Kate seems to be on the same page. According to the Daily Star, William is all about having a camera in the delivery room but Kate’s worried it might get stolen. He’s so hell bent on preserving that little royal’s first breath that he’s holding out though and thinks he can get Kate to change her mind in the next four months.

Dude, seriously? Your baby mama said no so drop it.

What’s a royal delivery room like, ya think? Marie Antoinette had to give birth with half of the French court watching. How will it be for Kate? Will the Queen sit quietly to the side? Will the Pips be crying against the wall because she’s not pregnant yet? Will Harry be snapping pics the entire time? Ugh. I don’t get having all those people in the room. It would bug the shit out of me. I could see Kate and William wanting their privacy. If Wills wanted to break the camera out after the labor that would be OK. He could get the first shots of baby and mom but definitely no pushing. Princesses don’t push anyway. It would kill the illusion I have of that baby floating out magically while Kate barely ruins her raccoon mascara. Princesses also don’t sweat!

Should Prince William film labor? Don’t you think that’s a bit risky? I know the Cambridges want to be just like everyone else but their track record hasn’t been great so far. I just don’t trust Harry!


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