Kate Middleton Furious As Camilla Parker-Bowles Leaks Secret Labor and Birth Details!

Kate Middleton Furious As Camilla Parker-Bowles Leaks Labor and Birth Details!

Who is surprised? Camilla Parker-Bowles isn’t known for being discreet, and she lived up to her reputation when she let slip earlier this week that Kate Middleton would give birth to the royal baby by the end of this week.

The press and paparazzi have been camped out of St. Mary’s hospital for days, and more and more news crews are starting to fly in as Kate nears labor. Thanks to Camilla, we at least have a timeline of when Kate is expected to go into labor.

You have to wonder – was it just a slip of the tongue or something more calculated? She just decided to give an impromptu speech with tons of press and spectators in the audience when she visited the Children’s hospice. She stated, “We are all just waiting by the telephone. We are hopeful that by the end of the week he or she will be here.”

The Queen, Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton, and even Prince Charles have remained mum on the issue and refused to divulge details about Kate’s birth. Well, we all know about Camilla’s history with Kate so this isn’t very surprising.

Regardless, Camilla’s been one of the most vocal royals on Kate’s baby, which should be odd when you consider she will probably not have as much interaction with the baby as the rest of the family will. Is she trying to stake a claim on the baby? After all, she never had a child with Charles so she could be viewing this as some twisted way to be able to raise someone of royal birth – or at least, be involved in raising someone of royal birth.

Or maybe she’s just being vindictive, and let slip the date so mess with Kate. And of course, the third option is that she was genuinely excited and wanted everyone to know – which I’m sure, most of you won’t buy.

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