Kate Middleton and Mother Carole Plot To Take Over The British Monarchy With Baby Princess “Middleton”

Kate Middleton and Mother Carole Plot To Take Over The British Monarchy With Baby Princess “Middleton”

Carole Middleton is ecstatic about the prospect of her daughter, Kate Middleton, giving birth to a girl. Sources close to the matriarch say she’s already scheming how to play a majorly important role in the future monarch’s life and how this can help to keep raising her social status. Everyone knows she’s not fully accepted by the aristocracy. No one likes a social climber, after all, and she reeks of wisteria as do her two daughters – a.k.a. “The Wisteria Sisters,” so aptly named by the aristos because of their ferocious ability to climb.

Seriously. Those aristos close to the Middleton clan truly dreamed this one up, and those guys were born rich and well-connected so they’ve got nothing to be jealous about when they look at Kate and Pippa Middleton. They’re just speaking the truth for the truth’s sake. Just sayin’…

Carole’s already tipped to become a royal nanny to the future monarch. And if it’s a girl, and if what the Daily Mail states is true that a “granddaughter naturally gravitates towards her maternal grandmother,” then when Carole sinks her teeth and claws into her royal granddaughter she can secure her place in the annals of Britain’s Social Bible by attaching the “Middleton” surname to the poor girl instead of “Mountbatten-Windsor.”

Carole’s already successfully turned Prince Willaim into a Middleton, after all.

“The prospect of a little Princess increases the already strong chances that this baby will be brought up royal, but essentially a Middleton. Some royal watchers think William has become one.”

No one would dare diss Carole once she’s so firmly ensconced into the royal fold. Not only will Britain and the Commonwealth have to deal with “Will Middleton,” but they’ll also have to bow down to and financially support “Wilhelmina Middleton,” too.

Is Britain and the Commonwealth going to be ruled by the House of Middleton?

I feel for this child if it’s a girl, I really do. Carole is the furthest thing from a strong female role model. Who wants a queen that was raised by a grandmother who raised her own daughters to be totally dependent on men and act as their royal doormats and mattresses to secure their financial and social futures?


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