Kate Middleton and Mother Carole Stalked Prince William Relentlessly From The Beginning

Kate Middleton and Mother Carole Stalked Prince William Relentlessly From The Beginning

They don’t call her Waity Kaity for nothing, you know. Rumor has it that Kate Middleton and her family planned her meeting with Prince William meticulously, combing over university options and schedules before she went to St. Andrews – and surprise, surprise, that ended up being the same university that Will attended.

Anyway, a new report from the Daily Mail by a reporter that’s very close to the royal family pretty much confirms what everyone always thought – that Kate didn’t just go after Prince William, she pretty much stalked him.

According to the report, Kate’s first choice for university was supposedly Edinburgh, not Andrews. However, according to her career advisers at her high school, Kate ended up achieving the grades to get into Edinburgh [which has very strict standards for entrance] but rejected it in favor of St. Andrews AFTER Prince William’s university choice was made public.

Not only that, but she actually reportedly took a gap year to attend St. Andrews so she would be in the same year as Prince William.

The full interview’s fascinating, but the gist of it is that when Kate first met Will, she didn’t really make much of an impression. Really, she didn’t make much of an impression until she decided to walk the runway in her underwear. Of course, she still ended up waiting another decade for a proposal, so I guess it was all worth it, in the end.

Is it just me, or is this super creepy? Is this what other moms were planning when they sent their daughters to St. Andrews, but Kate just ended up being successful? I mean, it’s Prince William. I am positive that there were women like Carole Middleton just scheming and plotting to get their daughter married off into the royal family. We just don’t hear about it because nobody else was successful. We should all learn the virtues of patience from Waity Katy….

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  • D Texas

    I love the way the Middletons rattle some cages. LOL! It just kills people that they accomplished what so many have tried and failed to do. The reality is that she probably didn’t have to do much stalking. She’s smart, well behaved, accomplished and has legs up to her neck. In the end she got the man she wanted and no one forced him to do anything. They’re in love and in it for the long haul. Deal with it and stop throwing salt. (haters)

  • SpringBeauty

    It all sounds so diabolical. If there had been no attraction, no amt of machinations would have produced a Royal Wedding.Give it a rest…

  • Victoria McGuire

    This is total BS, probably put out by extremely hateful Camilla.