Kate Middleton Curled Over In Excruciating Pain: Royal Baby Causes A Royal Problem!

Kate Middleton Curled Over In Excruciating Pain: Royal Baby Causes A Royal Problem!

Kate Middleton just can’t seem to have an easy pregnancy, can she? Now the young royal has a royal pain on her hands — and we’re not talking about Prince William (oh, just kidding, I’m sure he’s easy to live with)! According to medical professionals, the lower abdominal and groin pain that Kate Middleton is experiencing is a result of the extreme stretching of the ligaments surrounding the uterus. When the baby grows, well, everything inside needs to grown and change a bit too. We feel really bad for Kate, as we don’t like to see her in pain, but don’t worry. This is a common thing for women to experience during pregnancy, so she’ll be fine and dandy.

“Groin sensitivity caused by the stretching of the round ligaments that surround the uterus is very common in the second trimester,” Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News senior medical contributor and a practicing OB-GYN, tells the news source. “This is normal pain, especially during a first pregnancy, because those ligaments are being stretched in ways they never have been before.”

Apparently, the only thing that will ease this type of round ligament discomfort is rest and some Tylenol because, at the end of the day, you can’t just tell the body to stop making room for the new lil’ royal nugget inside. We wish Kate a royal and speedy recovery and hope everything else continues to go smoothly. She had some really severe morning sickness, but luckily she managed to get away recently for some much needed R&R with her husband and family in the Caribbean.

The thing people need to realize is that Kate Middleton’s pregnancy is just like any other woman’s pregnancy. She will experience the same pains, the same sicknesses, the same struggles, and the same triumphs. She’s not made of glass and will journey through this pregnancy with grace — just like she does with everything else in her life.

What do you think about the Kate Middleton pregnancy? Are you following her every step of the way until the birth?

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