Kate Middleton In Labor? Prince William and Standby Helicopter Are Missing!

Kate Middleton In Labor? Prince William and Standby Helicopter Are Missing! 0712

I know, I know but we have to be conspiracy theorists this weekend. Things seem so normal that you get the feeling that strings are being pulled behind the stage. So we have to ask ourselves – with the latest developments – are Kate Middleton and Prince William trying to pull a fast one on us or are things exactly as they seem?

First things first – Prince William. The standby helicopter that has been hanging in Angelsey waiting for him in case he needed to get back to London in a hurry is now missing. According to E! News it is no longer at the Anglesey farmhouse where it has been stationed since last Friday. And, come to think of it, William is missing too. Extra security was called in while he finished out work before the royal baby’s birth but it’s gone now and there are no other signs that Will is still around. So he has to be in London, right?

Next – virtually everyone including Pippa Middleton and her family, attended the Queen’s Coronation Festival yesterday. EVERYONE except Will and Kate. Obviously we know why Kate wasn’t there but why not William? If he can go play polo this weekend why can’t he go to the coronation festival at Buckingham Palace? Could he and Kate have snuck into the hospital?

It wouldn’t be the first time. E! News also reports that Kate managed to sneak into the hospital on Monday for a routine check-up under the noses of the waiting paparazzi. So it can be done with no one knowing. I bet this polo match this weekend was just a story to keep us off the scent. I bet Kate’s in labor right now and no one even knows it. All eyes are misdirected to the festival where the Middletons are playing dumb. Isn’t this something William would do? He’d love nothing more than to have his baby in secret and then, on his terms, tell everyone what happened as he smiles and poses politely outside the hospital steps.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe nothing is out of the ordinary. Maybe the helicopter is getting used for something else. Maybe William will truly go and play polo this weekend. I’ve been wrong before….

What do you think? Is Kate Middleton in labor or is everyone really acting this calm before the royal birth?


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  • Pamela

    I read that she might be having a c-section for medical reasons now..