Kate Middleton’s Mom Will Deliver Royal Baby While Prince William Plays Polo

Kate Middleton's Mom Will Deliver Royal Baby While Prince William Plays Polo 0710

Yes, that’s the scenario we’ve been gifted with today. Kate Middleton’s mom can deliver babies! It was all part of her early flight attendant training in the 70s. So we have nothing to worry about! If Kate goes into labor while hanging in Berkshire and Prince William is mid-stroke (is that a polo term?) on the polo field Carole Middleton can finally earn the respect of the country and deliver the next royal heir. But with her luck I’m sure the people will turn on her after the birth. She’ll be called out for not actually calling the hospital and hogging all the spotlight by keeping the baby on her estate instead of the precious fancy shmancy hospital. This woman can never truly win although in my mind she already has so people should just get over it.

But I doubt it will come to all that. I’m sure you’ve read up on the Prince William playing polo this weekend stories so many think a royal baby is still a week or more away. It’s odd to me that people would jump to that conclusion so quickly. At this stage in the game babies come whenever they want to. There’s no way for Will and Kate to know the baby won’t be making an appearance in a few days. There really aren’t any fool-proof signs. I like to think Kate, being the ever dutiful and pliant wife, told Will just to go ahead and play for the charity event. If she needs him she’ll call. It’s not like he’s that far away. There’s probably a helicopter on standby somewhere. Business as usual for the royals. I kind of like the fact that Kate is encouraging this. Maybe he’s a hounder. Maybe William is being totally annoying right now with all the coddling and pampering. Maybe she just wants to hang with her parents. Do you lounge and vedge different when your husband isn’t around? I know I do. When I’m at home visiting my mom and sisters I can really just be lazy and eat all the brownies and pie I want without feeling like a fat ass. Maybe Kate just wants to wear her PJs, take off the make-up and be lazy with her family. So go play polo William, no one’s missing you!


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