Kate Middleton Loses Baby Weight Extremely Quickly – Was It All Natural?

Kate Middleton Loses Baby Weight Extremely Quickly - Was It All Natural?

Kate Middleton has made her first extended public appearance after the birth of her son, Prince George, and she looks fantastic. So fantastic that people are actually starting to wonder how she managed to lose all her baby weight so quickly.

Now, if you analyze the pictures closely – as all of you will undoubtedly do – you can see the slight remains of a baby bump, and she is also wearing a loose-fitting shirt so it’s not completely obvious. However, no matter the size, she looks really fit for someone who just gave birth weeks ago.

In my personal opinion, I think Kate just took good care of herself during the pregnancy and maintained her figure – probably through lots of yoga and other activities. However, there are other rumors online that refuse to believe that’s possible, and have already started saying that she resorted to other methods to lose weight.

Again, I personally know plenty of people who have lost their pregnancy weight very quickly, and we have other stars and celebrities who have been in a similar position. If you look at Natalie Portman during her pregnancy and the first time she was photographed after [which was weeks later], she was back to being the same tiny human she always was.

So it’s probably genetic and/or good health maintenance. Of course, a lot of people don’t necessarily want to believe that. But really, with the whole ‘natural’ message that Kate’s been trying so desperately to give off, you really think she would try to lose her pregnancy weight in an unnatural manner?

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