Kate Middleton Anglesey Appearance – NO MORE BABY BUMP – Duchess of Cambridge Lost All Her Pregnancy Weight (Photo)

Kate Middleton Anglesey Appearance - NO MORE BABY BUMP - Duchess of Cambridge Lost All Her Pregnancy Weight (Photo)

Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, has made her very first official public appearance this morning since her baby was born – informal shopping trips don’t count! Kate was alongside her husband Prince William while he started a marathon on Anglesey that was 135 miles all around the whole island. Though their son Prince George was nowhere in sight; they left him at a farmhouse that they have rented and Kate’s mother Carole is babysitting for them.

The 135 mile marathon was quite tricky, there was several different types of terrains that the runners had to go through like; cliff top paths, fields, forests, roads, beaches and sand dunes. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Kate wasn’t planning to attend the event at first but she apparently really wanted to take the chance to thank all the people of Anglesey for their hospitality that both her and William received while being there. As you can see Kate looks pretty good after giving birth to her son; she has a flat stomach and it’s only been a little more than a month! But she’s done nothing to lose the weight at all other than some casual yoga right after.

After this engagement Prince William will be going back to the military after ending his leave and will continue his job as a Search and Rescue pilot. But before that both Kate and William will be attending the Inaugural Tusk Conservation Awards located in London on September 12th which will be Prince William’s very final engagement before getting back to work.

  • Victoria McGuire

    She is a classy elegant young woman and looks terrific, just 5 weeks after giving birth. That’s because she took really good care of herself and that beautiful baby boy during her pregnancy.

    • WaityTheClimber

      Naw, you are just a crack – licking sycophant.

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  • WaityTheClimber

    Oh the stupid c_nt needs to get new shoes. WEDGIES, THE SAME F-ING WEDGIES ALL THE TIME. Is she f-ing brain-dead ? Same thing with the b u t t-ugly beige heels she wears all the time as well. God she’s irritating and just BORING. Looked like crap. William and her both = duds. They don’t have the magic.