Will Kate Middleton Lose Her Hair In A Royal Chop?

Will Kate Middleton Lose Her Hair In A Royal Chop?

When Kate Middleton walked down the aisle to meet her Prince William last year, the entire world appeared to be in awe of her.  The dress, the hair, the composure – Kate seemingly could do no wrong.  She has just ended her first year as a royal – a baptism by fire no doubt – and very little issue can be taken with William’s choice for a wife.  She is impeccably dressed, poised, well-mannered and always beaming.  No glaring missteps, no bad behavior, not a single negative word has she been overheard speaking.

By most royal watchers’ standards, Kate has gotten it all right.  The biggest issue she has had to contend with is the baby babble.  Is she pregnant?  Is that a bump?  Are they even trying?  Ironically her waistline has whittled while fans of the princess have sworn she has looked pregnant at times!

The latest bit of controversy is her hair.  You know that shiny, brown mane that usually ends in a mass of big barrel curls.  Kate is 30 and it seems some people think she is too old for long hair and that a nice chop would do her good.  It would make her more dignified and then she wouldn’t be able to “play” with her hair in public as easily.  Others argue that the hair keeps her young and a modern princess.

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It might just be the last bit of herself that she has held on to in the last year. She has gone from workout clothes and little dresses to formal wear and business attire.  Maybe Kate needs to keep her hair for now in order to still feel like herself.  Maybe her husband loves her hair and after all, she may be an updated people’s princess, but she’s first William’s wife.

Should Kate chop off her locks?  Is it time?  Tell us what you think!