Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth II Are Disgusted With Pippa Middleton

Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth II Are Disgusted

Kate Middleton and her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, are thoroughly disgusted with Pippa Middleton – and who can blame them?  It is not only Pippa’s recent scandalous behavior in Paris that is disturbing her sister Kate and The Monarch, Prince William’s grandmother.  Pippa has also been abusing her royal connections both in business and in her personal life.  A palace insider leaked this highly sensitive information to a reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times.

Pippa will probably not face legal problems in France for the gun slinging wild ride with the rich boys that she took during her Paris weekend. Pippa was with three dudes in an Audi convertible when the driver of the car took out a gun, which turned out to be ‘fake’ and began threatening a photographer with the weapon.

Pippa happily went along and participated in this highly illegal and dangerous prank while many incriminating photos were taken. There have been a series of shooting in France recently and the laws against carry handguns, let alone aiming them at people, are very stringent. The Paris police are still investigating her as well as the other people who were in the car.

Nor will Pippa’s kinky cavorting in the hours prior to the gun scandal win her any friends at the palace. It’s been revealed that Pippa was letting her hair down at an over-the-top kinky party replete with strippers and dwarfs just hours before that gun waving incident in Paris.

How about Pistol Pippa’s boozing at a wild 30th birthday party the night before –the bash was a flesh fest complete with guys in diamond studded bondage collars. Pippa was enjoying herself in a hot pink corset – not the kind of behavior the Queen or Duchess Kate can tolerate.

Can Pippa ever recover from the shame she has brought to her sister and the entire royal family?  My guess is no.  One thing you can bet on is that we will be seeing much less of Pippa for a good long while. What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.