Kate Middleton and Prince William Say Baby George Is Hard Work! Domestic Help Hired – People Cover

Kate Middleton and Prince William Get Domestic Help For Baby George - People Cover

I wondered how long the new parent bliss would last for Kate Middleton and Prince William and it seems like reality has already crashed in on them. Newborn babies are hard work and for the first few months you are completely at their mercy. Not only can they not fully communicate their needs but new parents are also left figure out their child and learn what each kind of cry means. That usually amounts to being on constant duty and sleeping precious little and according to People’s Sept. 1st cover story, Kate and William are just like everyone else, kind of.

They have enlisted a bit of help finally in the form of one of the midwives that helped to assist with Kate’s delivery. They also have Antonella Fresolone on board as their housekeeper. She will be making the move to Kensington Palace with the young family later this fall but in the meantime she’s on duty in Bucklebury.

As for Prince George himself, in William’s first interview since welcoming his son, he joked about the baby being a rascal. That likely means that the littlest heir has a good set of lungs and uses them often. Kate is still determined to do the majority of the parenting on her own with William. It seems that for now she wants to be positive that she is getting things right and giving her son everything that he needs, as he needs it. Once she feels confident in her abilities as George’s mother I bet she’ll take over and be totally hands on as much as any other normal working mom does.

Do you think that Kate and Prince William will really do whatever is necessary to keep George’s upbringing as simple and normal as possible? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Kate Middleton and Prince William Get Domestic Help For Baby George - People Cover