Kate Middleton and Prince William In Shock: Prince Harry Quits Royal Family To Join Army Full Time?

Kate Middleton and Prince William In Shock: Prince Harry Quits Royal Family To Join Army Full Time?

With all the drama pinging back and forth between Prince William and Queen Elizabeth over royal baby names, we don’t blame him! Prince Harry has been struggling to put his party days in the past, and has found himself increasingly interested in a full-time military career. The young royal is unable to fully participate with his army unit, as his personal security often prevents him from dangerous ground situations. It seemed he had found his calling as an Apache helicopter pilot, but the royal security threat extends far. Harry is devastated that he can’t grow in the army, and wants to give up his royal life to fly full time.

When he goes to the cookhouse, people gawk at him,” BBC TV presenter Richard Bacon said of Harry’s military life. “To say he’s treated like any other soldier isn’t really accurate.” Harry’s said that, despite his documented military successes, many believe he is riding on his royal title. During an attack on Camp Bastion, Harry wasn’t allowed to fight—instead, his security team “jumped on him and ran him to a secure place.” Considering the sense of comraderie the army tries to instill in units, it must be discouraging to know you can’t fully help to protect and defend.

The attention would be fine if Harry, known as Captain wales by his comrades, were persuing an acting career. But the differential treatment means he can’t fully do his job,” reported Star Magazine, print edition February 18, 2013. Bacon believes that Harry wants to “leave behind the press and being a royal,” and devote himself to a military career.He’s very passionate about this job,” and the soldiers who know him “praise him as a pilot. He wants to be treated normally.” Do you think Harry could ever fully abdicate, or would he still be hounded by side glances and media attention?

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3 responses to “Kate Middleton and Prince William In Shock: Prince Harry Quits Royal Family To Join Army Full Time?”

  1. BSDetector says:

    your articles are beyond bullshi*******

  2. keri12 says:

    Umm, are you serious? If this article isn’t a joke, then it’s incredibly silly. Abdicate means to ‘formally relinquish power or authority, as when a monarch abdicates’. So there’s nothing for Harry to ‘abdicate’ from.

    More importantly, it was never a problem for Harry to have a career in the military anyway, he’s allowed to be a career officer the same as his uncle Prince Andrew, who was Senior Pilot of 815 Naval Air Squadron – then the largest flying unit in the fleet.

    Prince Andrew retired as a Commander and an officer of the Diplomatic Directorate of the Naval Staff, and he was in the Royal Navy from 1978 until he retired from active duty in 2001, and HE’S the Queen’s second son. Harry can have a full career like that if he wants, and he’ll still be a prince; the two things aren’t mutually exclusive. This article doesn’t make sense.

  3. carol says:

    Hmmmm…is he nuts???
    Seriously,he is planning to start a family right?I don’t know how the hell he’s gonna do that in the military! Honestly Harry dear,its a BAD idea..afterall,no woman wants an absent husband:-)