Kate Middleton and Prince William Fight With Queen Elizabeth About Diana As Royal Baby Name

Kate Middleton and Prince William Fight With Queen Elizabeth About Diana As Royal Baby Name

Since December’s announcement about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal pregnancy (still not really baby-bump official!), the world has been placing bets regarding baby names. Most agree that William will want to pay tribute to his late mother Princess Diana, a woman who was never well-loved by reigning Queen Elizabeth. But Will won’t give up so easily; he’s set on honoring his mother’s memory, and though the sex of the baby is still unknown, the royal family is divided into two camps: Team Queen vs. Team Wills!

The Queen has the absolute right to approve all names of potential royal heirs,” a palace spy told National Enquirer, print edition February 18, 2013. “Her decision has unleashed a bitter family feud—the royal household’s in a total uproar. William turned to Prince Charles for support, but his father told him he wouldn’t even try to fight this battle. Charles understands his son wants to honor his mother’s legacy, but told him the Queen will never budge on her decision.”

Can we just take a minute to enjoy the idea that Queen Elizabeth thought Eugenie was a perfectly suitable name for a princess, but Diana isn’t? There’s nothing wrong with Eugenie, but it’s quite unique, compared to the nice, simple name of Diana! Of course, the Queen is vetoing the name because of what it represents: the people’s princess, with whom she never got on. She won’t want the royal line tainted with the memory of the woman who set the monarchy on its head!

Will won’t take the decision lying down, and is refusing to give up the fight. It seems the logical thing to do would be wait a few more weeks until an ultrasound determines the sex! If it’s a boy, then they can go on arguing about why Kate’s party brother James Middleton is not a suitable namesake for the royal infant! But the fight is about more than a name—though, what’s in a name?—it’s about the Queen’s staunch adherence to antiquated tradition. Which name do you think is best for the baby? Will has a bit of time to regroup while on vacation with Kate in the Caribbean–do you think the argument will drive the royals apart?

Kate Middleton and Prince William Fight With Queen Elizabeth About Diana As Royal Baby Name

5 responses to “Kate Middleton and Prince William Fight With Queen Elizabeth About Diana As Royal Baby Name”

  1. keri12 says:

    It would be nice if someone at celebdirtylaundry wrote an article about the fact that William and Kate have been phoning Royal Marsden hospital every four to six weeks since 2011, just to find out how all the children with cancer they visited are progressing.
    One of the patients, 10 year-old Fabian Bates, even said “When I met them, William told me to continue to be brave. I have
    followed his advice and it has helped me a lot as have the Duchess’ letters to me.” Fabian said Kate has written him three letters, and that the letters really lifted his spirits.

    Both the Sun online and Hello magazine online have factual articles about this, but it’s strange that no gossip sites have mentioned it.

  2. Linda Cannon says:

    If it’s a boy; Phillip would be a great choice. It would honor both grandpa and Pippa.

  3. Cynthia says:

    I understand William’s frustration. Naming a child after a deceased parent is a normal thing to do. Who else needs their grandmother’s approval over what to name their own child? I wonder what names The Queen would approve of? Maybe Elizabeth after herself?

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  5. Kate says:

    As Royals have 3 or 4 first names, I hope Kate and William DO consider the name ‘Diana’ somewhere in there… She was William’s mother AND this would have been her first grandchild. I hope and pray that William and Kate consider their marriage and their family FIRST before anything else. Too many Royal marriages have been ripped apart for ridiculous reasons (I say ‘ridiculous’ because a lot of the time marriages end because of money problems, children problems or in-law problems – they have enough money… and, they are very happy about their new addition – the only thing left is ‘in-laws’ which I don’t think William will allow to interfere).
    God Bless Them!