Kate Middleton and Prince William Buy Special Bed To Help Them Produce A Spare To The Heir!

Kate Middleton and Prince William Buy Special Bed To Help Them Produce A Spare To The Heir!

Kate Middleton and Prince William have decided to spring for a new matrimonial bed for their new home in Kensington Palace. The bed is called a Natural Choice 4500 and has no fewer than 4,200 springs. Both Will and Kate loved the bed when they used it in Wales during William’s RAF tour, and they decided they wanted to keep it permanently.

The owner of the store which sells the bed [called Healthbeds] revealed, “We got a call out of the blue from one of the Duchess’s staff asking if we could provide one like the model they slept in. I think it’s the first time the royals have bought our beds. The Duchess loved the bed so much, apparently she looked under the mattress to find a label to discover where it was made. We are thrilled to have royalty buying one of our beds. I couldn’t possibly discuss the price but it’s taken a lot of complex measuring to get it right. The idea is to make a very comfortable bed that minimises allergy. It’s an unusual order because the bed is bespoke and had to be enshrined in a four poster setting.”

He wouldn’t reveal the price because he added that it’s custom, but you can imagine that it must have cost them thousands of pounds. After all, this is the royals we’re talking about – no matter how relatable they try to seem, they’re still richer than almost anyone.

However, Kate and Will still continue to break tradition and refuse to accept everything that’s given to them. In normal circumstances, even forty years ago, the future Queen wouldn’t have been able to choose another bed or dictate where the future King slept. In today’s world, it doesn’t exactly work like that.

Obviously, with the news that Kate and Will are looking to conceive again, the natural conclusion we must draw is that they’re trying to get as comfortable as possible. Comfortable bed = more chances of sex, and thus more chances of conceiving. So could Cambridge Royal Baby #2 be on the way? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

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