Kate Middleton and Prince William Secretly Plan Their Move Back to Anglesey – What About Their Newly Multi-Million Dollar Renovated Palace?

Kate Middleton and Prince William Secretly Plan Their Move Back to Anglesey

Rumor has it, thanks to the The Daily Mail, that a certain royal couple is thinking about moving their brood back to Wales. Apparently Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t really in love with their new home at Kensington. Their dislike or their excuse is the “proximity” of so many neighbors. Well, here’s a question with all respect intended – shouldn’t they have counted in their neighbors during their year to prep for the move.

Yes, it was a year. A year in which Kate was seen all around London constantly shopping for furniture and antiques. It was also a painstaking year that cost taxpayers more than a million pounds to renovate the large apartment exactly to the couple’s specifications. The very same apartment they kicked out a charity in order to get their grubby little hands on. And now they want to move…No!

To go through so much because they needed a London base and then to all of sudden moving – something is up. If they simply wanted to leave Kensington then they could move to their country house all year long.  It has it’s own private grounds and there was talk they were putting extra large shrubs for privacy.  This way the family can stay in the area and not move all the way to Anglesey, Wales where I’m sure we would all find it extremely difficult for the duchess to carry out her royal duties.

There would be excuses we’ve all become accustomed to. Like she can’t be away from her baby for long or the drive is too much on a young mother. As for Will I’m sure he’ll love the extra privacy that allows him to take his friend’s helicopter without so many paparazzi lying in wait, ready to call sham on his family bonding time. If they move it’s going to cost taxpayers extra to provide security in Wales. They know this fact and yet they ignore it. How dumb can their people be that no one tells these self-entitled brats to grow up and work.

  • Bohomoth

    They’ll keep KP as their London residence, all the senior Royals have one…..

  • SpringBeauty

    I can understand how they may long for the peace and quiet and sense of normalcy they enjoyed as newlyweds in Wales. They loved it there, and will always remember their time there with happiness, and perhaps some sorrow at the leaving of it. The heavy mantle of duty and constant scrutiny must be exhausting, and they can cast that off, for awhile, in Wales. They will never be able to give up their London headquarters , and they know that. They probably want to show George the place where they were so happy, and that is wonderful, IMO.