Kate Middleton’s Push Present From Prince William – What Is It?

Kate Middleton’s Push Present From Prince William - What Is It?

Waity Katy definitely made us wait, didn’t she? Aww, I kid. After a week of the media frenzy, Kate Middleton finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy, with Prince William by her side.

According to reports, her parents and sister were at the hospital with her, but neither Prince Charles nor Camilla Parker-Bowles were present. There are many theories as to why Charles was not there, but obviously, all of them point to Camilla.

Regardless, all the attention is now focused on the royal baby and its two loving parents. The baby boy’s already received a ton of gifts from across the world – considering that a lot of people thought the baby would be a girl, I’m sure a  lot of these gifts won’t really be appropriate. Kate and Will have also been the recipients of several gifts, both from foreign dignitaries and local fans. But what will the push present from Will to Kate contain? Maybe a ban on Camilla’s visits? Just joking [not really].

Whatever it is, it will probably be extravagant and personal, because that’s how the royals play. E! Online already reports that Will already brought a surprise teddy bear for Kate and their new son a few weeks ago – and it wasn’t just any teddy bear, but Harrods’ annual bear. Well, that’s just adorable.

What do you guys think about Will buying Kate and their son the teddy bear? And what do you think Will is going to gift Kate? Jewelry? A car? A small county? A vacation somewhere? Well, they vacation all the time, so I don’t know about that. Maybe he’ll whisk his wife away for a break from all that hard work of labor. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Angel 2009

    JEWELRY! The bigger, the better!

  • Victoria McGuire

    A royal personal crown as the next Queen surpassing Charles and Camilla, I hope and one for the baby.