Kate Middleton Looking Grey and Haggard: Queen Elizabeth Asks What’s Wrong With The Duchess of Cambridge?

Kate Middleton Looking Grey and Haggard: Queen Elizabeth Asks What's Wrong With The Duchess of Cambridge?

I think that Kate Middleton has had us all a bit spoiled with her flawless appearance for the better part of two years. Even when suffering from severe morning sickness and dehydration carrying Prince George, Kate still looked amazing. During her first appearance after delivering the royal heir royal watchers were mesmerized by how quickly the Duchess of Cambridge had bounced back. Unfortunately on Nov. 7th Kate stepped out to commemorate Poppy Day and all it took was one off day to make the masses rip her apart.

According to the Nov. 25th print edition of In Touch Kate was ripped apart by royal watchers and the media for looking human. A hint of grey roots were showing on the top of her head and low and behold, Kate looked tired and sported a few wrinkles! In other words, Kate appears to be dealing with exhaustion and the stress of a new baby the exact same way that millions of other first time moms are – she’s in the trenches and hands on, unlike Kim Kardashian.

Obviously the royal family is expected to always look their best and I’m sure the Queen ordered Kate to have those roots done immediately, but it is kind of refreshing to see her looking less than perfect. Prince William insists that they are trying to live as a normal young family and this incident kind of speaks to that, don’t you think? Kate is too busy with her baby and work to worry about looking perfect every second. That’s actually just one more thing to make her relatable and that will ultimately help to put Kate and William on the throne next, right? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • SpringBeauty

    She’ll be getting a lot of wrinkles , due to that perpetual beauty pageant smile that is always plastered on her face. Maybe she’s having a little depression also. She’s done did her part; she’s gestated a healthy royal heir, from here on out it’s just an endless cavalcade of pompous state occasions and ribbon cuttings. Shopping is her only refuge from the daily grind. You can only redecorate so long.

  • martha

    You seriously have to be kidding. News flash women have been dealing with pregnancies, babies, lack of sleep and work for centuries even modern royal women. What is it that she does that makes he or William in a position to succeed to the throne over Charles? I mean all it takes to be queen is to have roots of gray and look haggard after a baby ? You don’t aim very high for your monarchy

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  • So she looks like a “real” person, huh? That’s not a negative. That’s actually a GOOD thing.

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  • raketa

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  • MI23

    Her skin is just dry and it looks like she did her own hair this time. It also appears that she hasn’t used botox in a while

  • She never had a “flawless appearance” and never looked “perfect.” Please stop promoting that nonsense. She is an ordinary looking woman, nothing special. Next on the throne? Please. This woman needs to GET A REAL JOB! England, get out of the 14th century and abolish the useless, archaic, parasitical monarchy!

  • sugardaisy

    Kate is a lovely person, but she has had wrinkles all along. Maybe you just didn’t notice. Her skin in in bad shape, as though she has spent too many years in the sun. In many pictures she appears to be a woman in her 40’s.