Kate Middleton’s Mother, Carole, Moving To Kensington Palace Despite Queen Elizabeth’s Objections

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I think nearly every married person’s worst fear is that an in-law will move in. That’s just a microscope that none of us really wants to be under and unfortunately it looks like Prince William is going to have to suck it up for a while. Since Kate Middleton is having a bit of a difficult pregnancy and William is often a few hundred miles away she has requested that her mom, Carole Middleton stay with the couple.

They currently are residing in a two bedroom London apartment while Kensington Palace is renovated to accommodate their growing family and Kate has made it clear that having her mother around more will be a big help. William is worried about privacy issues and never being alone with his wife, but he is being good about giving the Duchess whatever she needs at this time. He also is relieved to think that his wife will have someone to look after her while he is away for work.

Queen Elizabeth is said to be stunned by the Royal couples’ bucking of tradition, yet again. She is said to be a real stickler for following the Royal protocol on everything but William has made it very clear that his family will play by their own altered rules. We have already seen he and Kate break from holiday tradition and Kate is also intending to have their child in a London hospital rather than a palace birth. Now the Queen is shocked by the very idea of moving a commoner such as Carole into a royal residence but William is going to do whatever it takes to keep Kate as calm as possible, even if that means defying another set tradition.

Do you think that moving Carole in will help Kate immensely or will it just cause more stress than good between the couple? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Aries

    Doesn’t the Queen remember that her own mum was a commoner?

  • Cadetpink

    Well, she is half royal blood, and I wouldn’t doubt her forgetting little details like that since she is about 100…

  • I think it will be a big help, but hope its not permanent, at least living that close to them. Perhaps living on the grounds is a possibility.