Katie Holmes Anorexic Since Divorce, Weight Loss After Anxiety Attacks – Report

Katie Holmes Anorexic Since Divorce, Weight Loss After Anxiety Attacks

Katie Holmes’ sudden and tidy divorce from Tom Cruise screamed self-assured girl power, but in the months since then, we’ve seen Katie struggle to gain her balance on an emotional roller-coaster while she navigates raising Suri Cruise, regaining her career, and reentering the dating world. It would be a lot of stress without the paparazzi, but the constant and threatening presence of the paps—combined with the emotional turmoil she’s going through—has resulted in a 12-pound weight loss and complete disregard for food.

Katie’s struggles were reported by National Enquirer, print edition January 14, 2013. Recent photos of the actress show her looking “stick thin with saggy skin hanging off her midsection.” A friend dished about her massive weight loss—more than is healthy for someone already so slender! But Katie always seems so optimistic and together, what happened? Dr. Majid Ali explains her problem: “stress so easily dampens the appetite.” Or, for non celebs, stress quadruples the appetite leading to sweat pants fashion and midnight grocery trips for more cake.

Picture’s don’t lie—the usually knobby kneed Holmes has been looking thinner this winter, and we doubt it’s because she didn’t stockpile enough food like a woodland creature. Instead, I imagine it’s a deadly concoction of single parenthood, bombing on Broadway, and a recently exposed relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Seeing Tom Cruise’s face on the cover of every magazine with headlines screaming about his many European blonde bombshell hook ups can’t help either. So what’s the best course of action for Katie? We think she needs a major stress detox! It’s one thing to have no appetite, but forgoing all food on the whim is such an unhealthy example for Suri. I recommend a live in personal chef/nutritionist, a really cool nanny for Suri, and a strict regime of counseling to address the emotional angst she seems to be battling. Do you think Katie’s looking too thin, or is loose skin and protruding rib cage considered healthy?

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