Katy Perry and John Mayer Engaged: Ready to Marry and Settle Down – Report

Katy Perry and John Mayer Engaged: Ready to Marry and Settle Down - Report

Can a woman really ever tame a serial dater and notorious womanizer? Well, if the latest news is to be believed that Katy Perry seems to have quite possibly done the impossible. On a recent night John Mayer, her boyfriend of nearly one year set the scene for a traditional and extremely romantic (on bended knee) proposal.  According to OK! Magazine print edition, March 4th, both of them burst into tears and Katy accepted. He gave her quite a rock that we’ve yet to see because the couple is waiting for the right time to officially announce their engagement.

Has John really changed? I mean in the past he has been king of the over share when it came to women. Did we need to know that Jessica Simpson was like sexual Napalm?  I don’t think so. We’ve also heard him complain about previous celebrity girlfriends that were too clingy and wanted to marry him within minutes of meeting, something that’s always a turn off.

Supposedly life with Katy is the complete opposite of what he has experienced in all of his recent relationships combined. John loves the fact that she doesn’t cling to him and is fiercely independent. She also doesn’t do as she is told and acts like a strong woman around him. For the first time in years John feels like he’s in a very human relationship rather than just dating another celeb and that is what has tamed him.

Do you think that John can continue to be the loyal boyfriend that he seems to be right now? He may have changed for Katy but will those changes actually stick when they have a fight?It’s easy to be good and do the right things when you’re getting what you need, but what about when they hit an inevitable rocky patch? Will John be able to maintain his behavior then? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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