Katy Perry Pregnant: Robert Pattinson the Father? (PHOTO)


In the newest issue of OK! Magazine, reports claim that “Roar” singer Katy Perry is going to have a baby! Now, while this news is exciting, we’re immediately led to another question that is even more exciting: Who’s the baby’s daddy? While we really have no idea (or even any clue if she’s actually pregnant), we simply must wonder . . . . Is the father Robert Pattinson, that sparkly vampire she supposedly had a fling with months ago? Or could it possibly be John Mayer, her on-again-off-again boyfriend, perhaps most likely to be the father? Who knows? But we’re excited to see what becomes of this story — OMG who’s the father?

The cover of the magazine features Jessica Simpson and highlights her supposed “surprise wedding,” an “intimate ceremony with only 75 guests” and complete with “three dresses — one Jessica designed herself!” The story claims she’s planning on getting married on Valentine’s Day, but apparently people are quickly discounting that theory and calling the theory untrue.

What do you think? Have Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson chosen to tie the knot in a secret wedding? Pick up the latest issue of OK! to learn more about Katy’s pregnancy and Jessica’s (alleged) wedding (that hasn’t occurred yet).

  • Mike11CTSV

    I doubt she’s pregnant. Those rags love to make up stories. You can’t believe a single word they say, just like CDL. Whats next, you gonna run a story about BatBoy or the Loch Ness Monster?

    • Nick S.

      I swam alongside Nessie once ;) Friendliest prehistoric creature there ever is or was.

  • carrie

    If this is true ( and i insist if it’s true),it’s more probable that Mayer is the father

    • Nick S.

      Yeah. If she even is pregnant (which nobody really knows for sure), we’d put our money on Mayer, too. They’ve been linked to each other quite a bit.

  • billie21

    what trash sorry but true