Kelly Ripa Fuming Mad over Husband Mark Consuelos’ Erotic Romps with Yara Martinez on Web Show! (PHOTO)

Kelly Ripa Fuming Mad over Husband Mark Consuelos' Erotic Romps with Yara Martinez on Web Show (PHOTO)

Is Kelly Ripa unleashing her wrath upon husband Mark Consuelos for his erotic scenes with Yara Martinez, his costar on a new web series? I mean, probably not, but National Enquirer is reporting that, yes, Kelly is indeed mad and is warning Yara to stay away from her man — if she knows what’s good for her. After a headline that reads, “Kelly Ripa Fury . . . over husband Mark’s ‘Other Woman,” the mag expands and says, “Kelly Ripa is furious over the ‘other woman’ her husband Mark Consuelos has been hooking up with in erotic scenes on his new Internet TV show.”

The magazine doesn’t report that anything has happened between them. Yet. But they’re predicting — and hopeful — that the flames of desire will catch soon and destroy yet another celebrity marriage. Mark and Yara play a couple on the show and seem to be doing some pretty believable and hot acting — hot enough to start some chatter. “Mark and Yara are pretty hot together,” the mag says, “but he’s got to remember he’s also ‘Mr. Kelly Ripa’ and better watch his step.”

What do you think about this story? Do you think Kelly’s husband would ever be crazy enough to cheat on the fun-loving morning talk show host? The world just might come after him if he thought about doing that, so I suggest he stay faithful. By the way, National Enquirer really loves themselves some Kelly. Not too long ago they reported about how she’s suffering from an incurable brain disorder. She seems to have survived that malady.