Taylor Swift In London Spying on Kendall Jenner And Harry Styles’ Public Dating?

Taylor Swift In London Spying on Kendall Jenner And Harry Styles' Public Dating?

Well, whaddya know? DRAMA. According to reports, Taylor Swift is in London at the same time as Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles. What are the chances of an encounter?

The trio’s already avoided one awkward run-in at the AMA Awards, where Taylor and Harry picked up awards and Kendall presented. However, neither Kendall nor Harry would confirm that they were dating during that time, but that would be much more difficult to deny now, what with their public sleepovers and all. If Taylor didn’t know before, she definitely knows about their relationship now, which would make a possible encounter even more awkward.

It’s still in the very early stages, so I wouldn’t expect anything too news-worthy to happen just yet. But there’s no doubt that sooner or later, all three of them will end up being in the same place at the same time. London’s a big city, so they can maybe manage some semblance of avoidance – plus, I don’t think Harry himself gives a rat’s ass about seeing Taylor again.

But even then, with Kendall’s rising prominence in Hollywood and Harry’s continued place as the One Direction heartthrob, the two are all set to become Young Hollywood’s super couple – a feat that Kris Jenner is no doubt incredibly proud of. And of course, Taylor’s career is continuing to get bigger and better, so we’ll be seeing all three of them for a while to come. And when they all finally do meet, I’m sure they’ll be courteous and polite to each other – with cameras around, can they be anything but? But behind the scenes, the drama will be cooking.

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