Khloe Kardashian Hates Kris Jenner For Hiding Her Real Father – O.J. Simpson or Alez Roldan?

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Earlier this week CDL told you about Kris Jenner buying her hair stylist, Alex Roldan’s silence. It seems that nearly 30 years ago Alex was one of Kris’s many hook ups while being married to Robert Kardashian and he is in fact Khloe Kardashian’s biological father.  Forget about all of those rumors about Khloe being O.J. Simpson’s kid (although Kris did screw her best friend’s, Nicole Brown Simpson’s husband). It seems that the real truth is even more scandalous because Alex is a constant in the Kardashian’s lives’ even today. Kris has paid Alex to keep his mouth shut and made him sign an agreement that will penalize him millions of dollars if he ever speaks the truth.

Can you even imagine being Khloe at this point in her life? She can publicly deny it all she wants but we all know that her marriage is a disaster. There isn’t a married woman alive that wouldn’t freak out at her husband for keeping a bachelor pad where he parties with random chicks when he’s too trashed to make it home!  They are not fine and her marriage is likely causing her a mountain of pain.

O.J. Simpson in trouble again

If she and Lamar Odom split then Khloe will turn to her family, but Kris likely won’t be part of that equation. Her mother admitted to one affair in her bio that was published last year. Imagine being her kid and watching the press have a field day with her. After Robert’s diaries were published Kris’ kids had to be absolutely mortified. They were handed the adult side of what they experienced as kids. She was never there for them and now they all know exactly who and what she was doing.

Imagine being Khloe and realizing that the man she was so close to wasn’t her real father. She has to be furious with her mother for hurting him so badly and reading it in his own words. Then there is the mountain of lies. It’s like nothing from her childhood is real and the life that she has built with Lamar isn’t stable either.  Khloe is clearly a woman in crisis right to the core but she has to suffer in silence. She can’t admit it anywhere, to anyone.


I suspect Khloe will be the first Kardashian to leave the family business and in about 20 years she’ll be writing her own tell-all exposing the families lies and secrets.  Do you agree? Will Khloe eventually have to come clean to save herself? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • parischic

    the best possible thing for her would be to separate herself ASAP from her disgusting pimpmomma & her half sister kimode ….
    at this point whoever associates with either of them will be considered disreputable & untrustworthy ..
    she has lied to cover for them many times & it has hurt her rep’…
    now with E lying that kanye was present at the red carpet affair will she go along with that also ? the fake pregnancy ?
    she should distance herself while she still has the chance …
    & lamar is no prize either ..
    she should stand on her own now …
    she’s a big girl ….

  • I was believing the part about Alex being Khloe’s dad up until you started going on about her marriage. Basically you are just speculating that her marriage is in trouble or is a ‘disaster’ as you put it and that she is in a mountain of pain. All you really know is Lamar owns a bachelor pad, that’s all? So seeing you create a whole story about her having an unhappy marriage with no proof at all makes me call bs on the real father part of your story too

  • deb wilkin

    how embarrassing….poor thing- i’m sure her legal-father knew who it was as well- so freaking obvious- maybe khloe figured it out years ago- how could she NOT have…..

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  • Leave the Kardashian family alone! Everyone has problems, issues, joy, laughter (etc). The only difference is they have money but everybody has feelings. If you’re shit don’t stink then keep up the good job. Years from now their kids will grow up to read this drama no telling how their lives will end up. You can’t keep doing things in the dark without it surfacing. Let them make their mistakes and learn from it without all the scandal from the media.