Khloe Kardashian Divorce and Lawyers: Her New Life With Serial Cheater Lamar Odom – Photos of Her Fleeing Los Angeles!

Khloe Kardashian Divorce and Lawyers: Her New Life With Serial Cheater Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian has joined the list of the jilted Kardashian siblings. Khloe and her husband, Lamar Odom, have been on the rocks since the details of Lamar’s cheating scandal came out. Lamar and a stripper named Jennifer Richardson were having a year-long affair with each other, and Khloe finally reached the end of her endurance when she threw Lamar out.  But then Lamar went and found another mistress!  Polina Polonsky is the latest knife in the back of Khloe’s ridiculous marriage.

Although they later tried to work things through, Lamar stopped couples therapy when he starting banging Polina and then actually moved in with her! Now there are reports that Lamar and Khloe have started seeing lawyers and looking as divorce as an option.

A new report from Radar also states that Khloe has been ‘crying hysterically’ since she found out about the affair, although she’s been putting a brave face in public.

A source tells Radar, “Khloe [has been] crying hysterically. Kris has been trying to calm her down, but Khloe seems to know in her heart that Lamar has been indeed cheating on her. Lamar is Khloe’s entire world, and she can’t understand why he would cheat on her. It’s really, really sad, because she loves him so much.”

To add insult to the injury, more and more women have been coming forward about having affairs with Lamar in the past year, turning this into another Tiger Woods-esque scenario. The source adds that Khloe is still feeling ‘sick to her stomach’ over everything. 

Well, Khloe’s been ignoring the cheating and infidelity rumors for the better part of two years now, so it was bound to catch up to her. I mean, there was always a chance that all the rumors would end up being false, but in Hollywood, there’s usually smoke where there’s fire.

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