Lamar Odom Gave Jennifer Richardson a Diamond Ring (Photo Here) – Cements Khloe Kardashian Separation and Divorce


Lamar Odom may refer to Jennifer Richardson as a groupie now but at one point in time he must have liked something that she had to offer because he actually put a ring on it! Last December Lamar actually gave Jennifer a diamond heart ring from Tiffany which cost him about $50 grand. That’s a lot of money to drop on a woman that supposedly he has no intention of ever marrying!  Hmm….

According to Jen’s exclusive interview in the Aug. 26th print edition of In Touch not only was Lamar looking for a real relationship with her, but he also had babies on the brain. She claims that better than half of their conversations were about having a family together. That’s awfully heavy talk and if it’s true then no wonder Jen thought Lamar was serious about her. Once a player thinks that you’re wrapped they usually stop talking about having a family and Lamar kept it going.

Is it believable that he would jump in heavy so quickly? Well remember he and Khloe Kardashian were married within weeks of their first date so Lamar clearly gets swept up and moves fast. As for Khloe’s awareness of the affair, Jen believes that upon moving to L.A. She was followed by a private investigator. She also believes that Khloe constantly had a tail on Lamar. She said she tries to keep serious tabs on her husband and wants to know where he is at all times. This is in line with what mistress number two, Polina Polonsky has claimed – plus if you’ve watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians then you’ve seen them hiring a private investigator to follow Scott Disick. Obviously it’s simply one of the tools used to keep their men in line.

Giving a ring to another woman is a serious step for Lamar to have taken. Any other piece of jewelry would have been written off as a gift, but a ring combined with baby talk has to put Lamar in some deep crap. Is Khloe ever going to gain some self respect and leave him – file for divorce? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: In Touch