Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Separate Over Cheating Scandal With The Game?

Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Separate Over Cheating Scandal With The Game?

“Enough! After years of marriage heartache and betrayal, Khloe plunges into a new romance with a hip-hop star.” A hip-hop star who also happens to be Khloe Kardashian’s fitness motivator and who thinks Khloe’s got a ‘nice ass’. Um, of course he thinks that, she’s a Kardashian! Anyways, it’s gotten to the point that Khloe can’t deal with Lamar Odom’s wandering eye and Lamar can’t deal with Khloe’s relationship with the Game, Terrell Taylor. Their solution: break up.

Lamar has reportedly been unable to deal with Khloe ‘emotionally’ cheating on him, even though he physically cheats on her every time he leaves the house. Pot calling the kettle black much? It’s gotten to the point that their relationship is on tenterhooks, and at this rate, a break up wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Sure, the two have been together since 2009, but honestly, what have they to show for it? Receipts of Lamar cheating? Khloe’s insistence that their marriage is ‘just fine’? The most she’ll admit is to say the marriage had a ‘rough patch’. Girl, we know what a rough patch is, and when your husband can’t be trusted for a single night, that is not a ‘rough patch’.

It almost makes you feel sorry for her, especially since it’s being rumored that they are on the verge of a breakup. It’s sad to think that when Lamar has been out sexing random women in Las Vegas and strip clubs across the country, their relationship was ‘just fine’, but when Khloe ends up hanging out with another dude, Lamar raises all hell. Sure, her way is probably not the best way to go about it, even though she was clearly trying to make Lamar jealous with the ‘big ass’ comment, but how can he expect her to be faithful when he refuses to be? It’s only a matter of time before they’ve both had enough, and it’s looming closer.

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  2. Keepkalm01 says:

    Leave Khloe alone, and go wash your own dirty laundry before talking about other people’s own