Khloe Kardashian Responds To Paternity Rumors, Disgusted By Ellen Kardashian Interview

Khloe Kardashian Responds To Paternity Rumors, Disgusted By Ellen Kardashian Interview

Of all the Kardashian sisters, Khloe Kardashian is the most private by far. On the show, she comes off as strong, confidant, and sassy. In real life, she’s seen as needy, desperate, and bitter. Which is the real Khloe? Well a new stream of angry tweets show a woman who is seriously unhappy with her life, and is eager to watch those around her crumble! Yes, Khloe is impatiently waiting for the day that those who spread ‘lies’ about her family get caught up in their bad karma!

We reported that Ellen Kardashian, widow of Rob Kardashian Senior, spoke about Khloe’s real father, admitting that Rob promised to raise Khloe as his own, but that he wasn’t even having sex with Kris Jenner at the time of her conception. This infuriated Khloe, who tweeted, “My father is probably ashamed he even met you. Stop with your lies!” This came just after she warned her followers: “please stop assuming you know who I’m speaking about.” Besides the scandalous grammar faux pas, we notice straight off that Khloe shouldn’t be sending cryptic tweets if she doesn’t want people to try to decode them!

Dozens of inside sources have supported stories about her doomed marriage to Lamar Odom, but Khloe isn’t impressed. “Funny . . . that NOW everyone has a story to tell. LOL I love story time . . . .” We do too, Khloe! After years of being begged by fans, she’s refused to talk about her paternity, or get the simple test. What are we supposed to do, but seek out family sources to give us the inside scoop?

But Khloe wants you to stick to the forums of communication that line her pockets with cash: her blog (which makes ad revenue) and all shows on the E! network. Basically, if it doesn’t come from there, Khloe will hate you for believing it—or even listening to the the rumor! “These lies make me sick,” she tweeted angrily. “Disgusted by the stories you are spreading . . . Karma.” Sorry, Khloe, but until you fess up and get a simple DNA test, it’s my job to sort through the sources and find the dark nugget of truth! Maybe if her entire family stopped lying and whoring for fame, we could get them to give an honest interview! Do you think any of Khloe’s plight is genuine?

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