Kim Kardashian Gets More Plastic Surgery to Please Kanye West – Won’t Stop Until She Looks Like Beyonce! (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian Gets More Plastic Surgery to Please Kanye West - Won't Stop Until She Looks Like Beyonce! (PHOTOS)

Guess this is payback for calling her fat.  Every where you look you’ll see Kim Kardashian showing off her toned body or that’s what she’s claiming is toned. Although we’ve yet to see her either outside of a slimming black outfit or face frontal in a bathing suit. At this stage, anyone could pretend to be skinny in a side shot. It’s calling sucking in you stomach, but let’s try to give her the benefit of the doubt. Kim Kardarshian has lost the baby weight! There that should please her diminishing fan base!

Now we all must start to think how exactly did she lose the weight. She’s been seen a lot in her gym wear and its most likely that’s the image she wants to sell us. Yet someone should tell her the new PR she hired isn’t all she’d thought it be. Take for example, no one is crediting the gym for her weight loss. Her trainer, Tracey Anderson, was supposed to have kept Kim’s pregnancy weight to a minimum. As we can see that failed so why should any of us believe she helped take the said weight off. The only logical conclusion is Kim K got a little help from a man wielding a scalpel. From her face to her to her stomach – we see the rare sign of ‘Made In the US’.

Typical whatever she got done would be subtle enough you can never definitely point it out, but our friends over at Hollywood Hiccups swear her lips got a bit too much on their last visit. “Her lips are starting to look a little daffy duckish.”  They say it’s to make her look more like Beyonce instead of you know a completely different race. Mostly likely the one she actually belongs to.

We’ve heard about changing yourself for a man but that doesn’t mean he cuts out the photos and you bring them to the doctor’s office – yeah you, Kanye West. Love yourself first and then find someone who will share common interests. It isn’t Disney, but it works!

Kim Kardashian out for lunch at La Scala Restaurant after working out at a gym in Beverly Hills, California on December 21

Photo Credit: FameFlynet