Kim Kardashian Already Embarrassed Of Baby Name, North West, Thanks To All The Hate

Kim Kardashian Already Embarrassed Of Baby Name, North West, Thanks To All The Hate 0621

You know what name I’ve got stuck in my head right now? Renesmee. That clusterf-ck of a crap name Twilight launched into our consciousness. And do you remember what her nickname was? Nessie. It was a name so awful it needed an equally horribly nickname. Now, I’m not against nicknames. I just think they should be earned. I have a problem with a parent gifting a kid a crazy ass name but then going up to family members’ shocked faces and saying, “Oh, but we’ll call her Nori.” That’s what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are essentially doing now. They gifted the world North West but have already issued the much cuter and much more acceptable nickname, Nori. It’s not like North is a family name they had to use like Mildred or Esther. In those cases it would be perfectly acceptable to go for the nickname right away to save the kid some embarrassment. So is Kim Kardashian embarrassed by her choice? The hate is strong with this one. The internet is in a tizzy over her decision. And it might have been a last second one. Multiple sources confirmed Kaidence Donda West but it sounds like in the 25th hour Kanye wasn’t stoked about adding to all the Ks. So they fell on North. And it sounds like they are already regretting their decision.

What is Blue Ivy’s nickname? How about Apple Martin’s? Those kids go by Blue Ivy and Apple. There are no apologist nicknames for the public.  Beyonce and Gwyneth both took shit but they just turned their noses up in the air and moved on. Kim has wicked insecurities and I’m feeling them with this name. And what’s sad is I think a lot of people liked Kaidence. It was kinda respectable – just a little off – but it made sense. North West seems like a joke still. In the back of my mind I wonder if this isn’t a joke to keep the media off the real name for a few more days.

What do you think? I’m holding out hope. Is the baby name North West a decoy or have Kim and Kanye made their final decision? And if it is final, do you think Kim is already regretting it? Why else throw out the nickname so quickly to appease the public?


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18 responses to “Kim Kardashian Already Embarrassed Of Baby Name, North West, Thanks To All The Hate”

  1. I’m hoping this isn’t true. The family hasn’t confirmed the name yet though.

  2. nowdisconnected says:

    As usual, this family is pathetic. Anything for attention. North is a horrible masculine name for a girl.

  3. Amanda says:

    I honestly think it’s a PR ploy to keep everyone off the real name for a couple of days. That’s exactly what I just told my friends. If it’s not and the name actually IS North West, then that’s just sad. It’s like a joke. This is a CHILD. This isn’t a Lamborghini, or a pair of expensive heels, or a KITTEN that you’re all of a sudden “allergic” to (even though she never took care of that kitten in the first place, she just bought it some cute stuff). Sadly, this woman doesn’t understand that there are things in life that are NON-material items. It’s actually very, very sad to think that she is just so naive and she honestly doesn’t understand that a child isn’t something you buy at the store and dress up to make it look cute, give it to the nannies to raise, and then when it’s old enough you can leak the sex tape for millions of dollars. If they really did name the baby North West I think it just further proves how much these people do not take the REAL things in life seriously (i.e. living, breathing beings) and everything in life is just an accessory or means to more money for more accessories.

  4. Juliane Janek says:

    Are you sure they didn’t spell it K-N-O-R-T-H?

  5. bohomoth says:

    North West is utterly ridiculous. Just like this whole baby sham.

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  8. BlackMagicFuckery says:

    North West is a horrible name. Me and my mom just got done laughing about this. Lol

  9. allie says:

    She should be embarrassed, that name is horrible

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  14. LuciaMai says:

    Is it true that in France, parents can only name babies choosing from a state-approved list of baby names, thus avoiding naming a person something stupid and regrettable? Can this be a reason why Kim didn’t give birth in Paris, as had been rumored she might?

  15. Evil Unicorn says:

    North West sound cool. In the next few years you will see all these white people naming their kids “North”. Wait and see. When I first heard all these stupid names white people give their kids like, skyler I thought it sounded pompous and attention seeking. North pales in comparison.