Kim Kardashian’s Daughter’s Name Is Kaidence Donda West, Reveals Nurse

Kim Kardashian's Daughter's Name Is Kaidence Donda West, Reveals Nurse 0619

So it looks like we finally have a winner! After days of speculation, the Kim Kardashian baby name crisis might finally be over. What do you think of what we’ve been left with? According to a unidentified nurse at Cedars Sinai Hospital, where Kim delivered, she and Kanye West have decided to name their spawn Kaidence Donda West. We all knew about the Donda West part. That was a given and a sweet tribute to him mother. But what do you make of Kaidence? Well, it could have been worse.

I feel like that’s my usual take on the Kardashians… it could have been worse – especially since the name isn’t that weird. It’s not what you’d call common but it’s not Blue Ivy or anything. There are plenty of little girls named Cadence but not with the Kardashian K (you had to know there would be something cutesy about the name). But it actually makes sense since it is a musical term that means rhythmic sequence or flow of sounds in language and Kanye is a musical man. I’m not hatin’ on this. Like I said, it could have been much, much worse.

But is it to be believed? The Sun points out that the nurse heard the name repeatedly mentioned in the hospital room by the family. That sounds pretty foolproof to me but it also could be a decoy. Those sneaky Kardashians were pretty adamant about not letting the name get out so I’m surprised by this leak if it ends up being true. I wouldn’t put it past them to use one name at the hospital to throw people off especially if they are still fighting about the final decision as some mags reported yesterday. A lot of money is at stake with that name. I haven’t seen any tabloid covers yet this morning so I wonder which one snagged it. My money’s on People magazine. We’ll find out very very soon!

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s daughter’s name? Is it too normal?

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