Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name To Be Announced Today – What Are Your Picks?

Kim Kardashian's Baby Name To Be Announced Today - What Are Your Picks? 0618

So the two stories flying around as as follows: Kim Kardashian’s daughter has a name but they aren’t releasing it until they get out of the hospital and the other is after three days Kim and Kanye West haven’t settled on anything yet and the child is going by the uber glamorous “It”. Just kidding! I’m sure the pronoun is more gender specific.


My money’s on the former. That baby has to have a name by now. Do you know any people who waited a few days after the baby was born to name it because they wanted to see what fit it best? I could never understand that and I’m sure micromanagers Kim and Kris Jenner don’t get it either. This baby has had a name for awhile. They are just looking for the best way to make money off it first.

So first things first. We all know the Kim Kardashian’s baby name will be begin with a K and, most likely, have Kanye’s mother’s name as a middle name. Some are speculating Kai Donda West, others like Kash. But I just heard Kleopatra and I’m all about it. Can you imagine? Kleo West? I actually don’t hate it. It’s just unusual and famewhorey enough for Kim. That’s what I’m going with today. Because it will drop today right? Just like Kanye’s new album! Use that kid to sell, sell, sell!

We heard rumors that Kris was going to announce the name on her talk show debut in mid-July but that won’t work. There’s no way that secret is going to hold for a month. There are too many moles, too many people looking for a handout. The new tabloids hit stands tomorrow. If People magazine doesn’t have it on the cover I’d be VERY, VERY surprised. But I’m still feeling today. Kim should probably go home today. The baby’s off the incubator. It’s breathing on its own. It’s healthy. It’s been three days. There’s no reason to keep hiding out. Come out, come out Kim!


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4 responses to “Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name To Be Announced Today – What Are Your Picks?”

  1. Amanda says:

    Kleo!! I would not be surprised at all. I’m going for Kleo as well.

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  3. Angel 2009 says:

    Kaidence Donda West

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