Kim Kardashian Admits She Hates Children and Dreads Being a Mother

Kim Kardashian Admits She Hates Children and Dreads Being a Mother

Did you catch last night’s episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami? Let me tell you, after watching it I don’t think it would be possible for me to feel any sorrier for the baby that Kim Kardashian is carrying! The show was filmed not long after Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to little Penelope last summer and it gave viewers a brand new insight into how lousy of a mother Kim is going to be.  I’m positive that she and baby daddy Kanye West are already interviewing a team of nannies so that the only thing Kim will actual have to do is pose with her kid for publicity shots!

Kim was relentlessly bashing Kourtney. At one point she yelled at her for wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants at 2 in the afternoon. Obviously the exhausted looking new mom should have been camera ready according to Kim! Kourt tried to quiet her obnoxious sisters’ rant as she stood there holding a finally sleeping Penelope! If you’ve survived the first few weeks of motherhood you completely understand why Kourtney could care less about looking the part or making a fake great impression! She’s dealing with a baby that doesn’t sleep and spits up constantly, why ruin good clothing?

The most telling conversation came when the sisters were at lunch and Kourtney intended to go right home to her family. Kim flipped out telling her sister that she’s completely a bore and selfish because she wants to spend all of her time with her kids. She then thanked god that she wasn’t a mother because she wants to be nothing like what Kourt has become!

The thing is, what Kourtney has become is a good, devoted mom that intends to raise her kids herself in a very hands on way! By not wanting to be anything like Kourtney Kim proves that she has absolutely no intention of putting her baby first. Kim will still be traveling the world and googling herself even after her baby arrives.  We all know that Kim is a spoiled, self-absorbed bitch but last night she really proved it. So much so that I ALMOST feel sorry for Kanye thinking that his “perfect bitch” would make a perfect mother! Kim will make Kris Jenner look like mother of the year comparatively!

Do you feel sorry for Kim and Kanye’s kid? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • happyfaces

    this poor, poor child.

  • happyfaces

    kim is so selfish and spoiled that she’ll have no room to love anyone but herself.

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  • Poor IVF baby. She’s having the baby for publicity only, just like the wedding. She was sick of all the magazine covers kourt gets, and how kourt is more liked than her because atleast kourt is a good mother. Khloe has a sense of humour. Kim has nothing but a overly botoxed face and a fake PR relationship. She is becoming more hated each day and she will be even more hated when the time comes in the contract to split with kayne, everyone will be like OMG SHE’S LEAVING HER BABY DADDY! And it’ll be kris 2.0 all over again. Or she can stay with kayne her whole life and never get penis again. For those that don’t know kanye is gay apparently. Many blind gossip websites report it.

  • Noveechops59

    I believe she will drastically change once she has her own baby. I know of several women who were very self absorbed but once the baby came they did change and became devoted moms to their children. Motherhood has the way of bringing out the best in some of us.
    This is just my opinion. :)

    • I think the same! I intentions have already changed and that she does want to potect her chld, hormons have already stated their work!

      • Noveechops59


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  • they are both too self absorbed to be good parents. Most stars are like this. Sad for the child.