Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Defend Baby Name, North West – Good Explanation?

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Defend Baby Name, North West - Good Explanation? 0624

Even though Kim Kardashian’s daughter has a direction for a name that doesn’t necessarily mean Kim and Kanye West used a compass instead of a baby name book to choose it. No, it’s a metaphor! Why are we so stupid?!

Turns out North West is meant to signify the strength in the couple’s relationship. You can’t go any higher than north, they explained to friends.  Truer words have never been spoken

“What’s North of North? Nothing,” a source said in defense of the name. TMZ goes on to report that Kim and Kanye consider the baby to be their “north star”.

Fine. Whatever. I get it. It’s a cute idea. But you know what would be such a cuter idea? If the baby’s freakin’ last name wasn’t West. Because I don’t think many people have a problem with North. It’s unusual but we’ve seen much worse from celebrities. It’s the fact that by combining the kid’s name with West Kim and Kanye have, unintentionally, made it some kind of a joke. But what’s worse now is it turns out that they’ve made it some kind of homage to themselves. Their baby is officially a symbol of their love – of their high as a couple. Couldn’t the baby start out by being its own person – having its own identity? Or is that too much to expect from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian? North West has no chance in hell, right? So much has been made of Kanye’s reluctance to let Kim and Kris Jenner pimp the baby out on their reality shows but hasn’t he made the kid one big paparazzi/tabloid freak show by giving it this name? Hasn’t Kanye inflated his own ego with this decision? These are just rambling thoughts. Let me know what you think!

Does Kim Kardashian defend the name well with this explanation or are we still annoyed?

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