Kanye West Reveals Baby North West On Kris Jenner’s Talk Show this Friday!


If you’ve been staring endlessly at your computer screen waiting to catch a first glimpse of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s baby then you might be in for an extra special surprise if you tune into Kris Jenner’s talk show airing this Friday. The finale of Kris, which will feature a special sit down interview with The Kanye himself, was taped earlier this week and it’s been revealed by an audience member that he flashed a picture of his sweet baby girl, North West.

One of the audience members took to Twitter and wrote, “Just left the @KrisJennerShow and @kanyewest was there today! He was so open and blessed us with baby North’s photo!”

The generous viewer adds, “She looks like Kanye.  She has his cheeks and she is almost as dark as him and she has big eyes like Kim …toocute. They took our phones,I don’t have a photo but they will show the baby pic on the season finale of @KrisJennerShow when she interviews Kanye. It was a detailed interview about 1 hour just with @Kanyewest and he shares the baby pic.”

Wow, we can’t wait to see the baby-child now! We’ve been waiting so patiently, and I think North West has more protection than the royal baby!

Apparently, according to the source, Kanye couldn’t stop talking about how much he loves his daughter and Kim. He even made a joke about himself learning to play a sport and becoming an athlete — because he knows Kim has a real thing for athletes.

Make sure to tune in this Friday for this extra special interview — and HOPEFULLY this source wasn’t pulling everyone’s legs and we’ll finally get to see a snapshot of the celeb world’s new little bundle of Reality TV Royalty!

Image credit to FameFlynet