Kim Kardashian NOT Pigging Out on Treats in Khloe’s Scripted Keek Video

Kim Kardashian NOT Pigging Out on Treats in Khloe's Scripted Keek Video

Khloe Kardashian recently uploaded a video to her Keek account captioned “Sneaky Sneak,” but it should have been captioned, “Just some more scripted BS.” In the short video Khloe started by filiming her little sister Kylie Jenner taking a bite out of her big ‘ole burger, but then turned the camera on Kim Kardashian who was lounging in a chair like a mother without a care in the world while taking a bite of a lettuce. Right on cue Kim feigned surprise and anger as she told Khloe to, “F**k off.

The way this video is being reported by some gossip sites is we will get to see Khloe catch Kim pigging out – which would have been pretty entertaining, but sadly that is just not what it is. Gossip Cop misinterpreted this clip as, “Khloe and Kylie Jenner covertly capture Kim throwing back treats in her mouth while lounging on chair.” She was lounging on a chair, but that treat she was “throwing back” was a piece of lettuce. One commenter also noticed this inaccuracy commenting on their site, “I’m pretty sure its just salad. Is it possible to even pig out on salad? Lol.” I concur.

This video was clearly contrived, nothing sneaky about it. Everyone in the video was in full hair and makeup, and Kim was eating her salad like she was shooting a video selling leafy greens, not gorging herself on treats. Trust me Kim does not allow any video to hit the internet without her stamp of approval (like her “leaked” sex tape), and if one does she sues (like the video of her engagement posted by YouTube co-founder). And by now I think we all know that nothing these girls do is genuine and spontaneous – that is just not the Kardashian way.

Of course Seaweed is not around because why would anyone be playing with her or showing her affection other than the servants?

Photo Credit: Keek

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