Kim Kardashian Kisses North West In Photo Op – Trying To Repair Her Image As Bad Mother (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian Kisses North West In Photo Op - Trying To Repair Her Image As Bad Mother (PHOTOS)

Look at Kim Kardashian go. After months of speculation over Kim’s horrible parenting skills, she’s clearly determined to prove all the tabloids and gossip wrong. She was spotted with North West yesterday, wearing sweats (!) and holding North (!!). Today, more images were released from the family stroll in Santa Barbara, with some of the images showing Kim cuddling with North, kissing her on the cheek, and showering her with love. Coincidence that the paparazzi were there and managed to capture every take? I think not.

After all, how is that the one time that Kim, Kanye West, and North end up going out of town – and that too, to Santa Barbara – they end up getting papped? It’s not like Santa Barbara is a paparazzi haven, and in fact, paps never go there unless they’re called. Obviously, we already know that Kim has the paps on speed dial most of the time, and it’s likely that she herself called them.

Why would she do that, some naive people may ask? Well, if you’re asking that question, then you’ve clearly never followed Kim’s career. She’s famous for calling the paparazzi on herself, and even though her famewhoring died down a little after Kanye West came into her life, it’s clearly not out of her system. She was on a mission to fix her public image as a bad mother, and as someone who only cares about her appearance, there had to be a drastic reason for her not to be dressed up. But obviously, if paparazzi pictures showed her wearing no makeup, wearing track pants and comfortable clothes, and holding her child, then she’s clearly a good mother – or so she wants us to think.

I’m sure she loves North, and that much is obvious from the pictures that we’re seeing. I just think this whole photo op was a lot more calculated than people would assume. She knows the cameras are there, trust me. She knows, and she took advantage of that fact.

Image Credit: Instgram