Kim Kardashian Maternity Line In The Works – Would You Wear Her Clothes?

Kim Kardashian Maternity Line In The Works - Would You Wear Her Clothes? 0527

This is either the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard or the most brilliant. It’s not surprising though. Stevie Wonder saw this coming. It just puts the whole Kim Kardashian maternity mess into perspective. Who better to start a line? The only women whose maternity fashion has created a greater stir is Kate Middleton and you know she’s got better things to do. Kim is the perfect face for the future Kardashian Kollection maternity line. But will people wear the clothes or just laugh at them?

We have time to think about this. The maternity line is just an idea as of yet claims Kim. She told Now magazine that Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian helped her design the spring/summer 2013 collection before she was pregnant so baby bumps weren’t in mind. However all that’s changed now and they have “great ideas’ for expanding their business.

Ugh. Like I said, of course we all saw this coming. The kids’ line will be next. Trust. But will be buy it? Of course we will! I don’t get it but people actually buy Kardashian clothes. I shouldn’t be unfair. Some things are actually cute and they are at a reasonable price. I have less a problem with the clothes and more a problem with Kim trying to squeeze herself into them when she obviously shouldn’t. She’s been doing better lately opting for comfort over high fashion but you always know another blunder is around the corner with Kim.

So here’s my question for you…. Did Kim dress the fool this entire pregnancy because she wanted the attention for a potential maternity line? Was that her game all along? Did she want to be seen as this uber fabulous pregnant lady and then parlay that success to the Kardashian Kollection? It backfired since most people agree she’s played this pregnancy all wrong but did she succeed by failing so miserably?


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