Myla Sinanaj’s Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Makeover: Plans Sex Tape With Ray J (PHOTO)

Myla Sinanaj's Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Makeover: Plans Sex Tape With Ray J (PHOTO)

Say what you want about Myla Sinanaj but ain’t no shame in this fame whores game. The only thing stronger than her obsession for the spotlight is her obsession with Kim Kardashian. It started out innocently enough with her dating Kim’s ex–husband Kris Humphries but that was girlfriend just getting started.

Since then she has admitted to crushing on Kim’s sex tape partner Ray-J, released a single like Kim which was titled I’m No Angel and was in part about you guessed it Kim, has expressed her desire to work in the television industry (again like Kim), and has even gone so far as to star in her own sex tape Myla Sinanaj—The Anti Kim XXX. Seriously, if she could skin Kim and wear her I think she would.

Since that is out of the question Myla has done the next best thing by going under the knife to look like Kim spending upwards of $30,000 for a boob job, liposuction, and lip injections. The fact that she would even admit that she is trying to morph into Kim leads me to the conclusion that she is either really dumb or really honest (probably both). She claims it is not Kim she is obsessed with but rather Kim’s body.

In an interview last month with Michael Musto she said it was Kim’s body she “emulates” not Kim herself. To further prove that she isn’t a fan of Kim she went on to call Kimmy cakes out on her own obvious plastic surgery that she continues to deny, a simple fact that can be confirmed with a simple Google search of Kim before and after. Her ass, nose, and hairline – practically everything was different.

She also confirmed (what anyone with any knowledge of the law already knows) that there is no such thing as a “leaked” sex tape since legally both parties have to give permission so we can finally put that myth to rest. So congratulations Myla you are doing a great job following in the misguided footsteps of your inspiration Kim, but there is something you have that she doesn’t – gumption. At least you can admit who you really are and how you got where you. Although I admire your attempt at honesty my professional (and by professional I mean completely unprofessional) opinion is that your desire to become someone else – let alone Kim- speaks to a bigger problem.

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  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Instead of plastic surgery, this idiot should be buying a brain transplant or paying for a really good shrink! Wow . . . some people! smh

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