Kim Kardashian Finally Holds North West And Wears Normal Clothes – Reaction To Criticism? (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian Finally Holds North West And Wears Normal Clothes - Reaction To Criticism? (PHOTOS)

It looks like Kim Kardashian is finally learning her lesson. You don’t wear heels, a too-small dress, and makeup when you’re trying to be a mother. You wear sweats, you look tired, and you hold your baby – and Kim is doing just that, surprisingly enough.

Well, the backlash to her recent outfits and public appearances has been pretty loud. And there have been plenty of rumors about Kim and Kanye West abandoning North West to go travel to Paris, and the criticism has been vocal over her lack of care given to her child and how she’s not very hands-on.

But hey, this latest appearance had Kim and Kanye in workout gear, wearing SHOES [for once in Kim’s life, she’s not trying to squeeze her feet into tiny heels], no makeup, and holding North. Yes, that’s right, the world has stopped spinning because Kim is actually holding her own child. She’s not making the nanny do it, and she’s not putting North in the stroller. Of course, this  is all probably a strategically timed photo-op arranged with their photo agency friends and paparazzi, and it’s probably Kim’s way of trying to fight back the allegations that she’s a bad mother.

Whatever her reasons, we’re forced to see her weekly photo-ops in the media, and I’d much rather see a normal family hanging out instead a scarily made-up woman who doesn’t know when to stop. There’s also a chance that this is Kanye’s influence, but I doubt that. If he couldn’t stop her from dressing like a fool and looking like a fool during her pregnancy, then what good would he be able to do now? Wait, I take that back. I forgot they just got engaged. Maybe this is a stipulation of her marrying Kanye – she has to stop embarrassing him with her public outfits.

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