Kim Kardashian New Post Baby Keek Video: Sticks Her Tongue and Smiles at North West?


Kim Kardashian is continuing in her public game of peek-a-boo. We’re starting to see a lot of her and not in the good juicy way we what. We only see her face and for someone who became famous from a sex tape you’d think she would automatically know that body shots sell. If she’s going to do nothing but stupid videos why even come back to the public stage.

She has been under Kanye West’s house arrest for a couple of months now. You would think Stockholm syndrome would have kicked in already but no. I guess there’s life in her yet. Yeah a life devoted to self-promotion. Most likely its her mother, Kris Jenner that’s the driving force behind her reappearance. There is only so long that Kris will allow anyone in her family, minus Rob of course, to forget their brand. No, she makes her girls work and Kim has new fashion line is coming out. That baby isn’t going to promote itself.

Reportedly Kim is starting a baby clothing line so you know what that means. Not only will she have to be out and about but so will little North West. She can’t really sell baby clothes with her own baby completely out of sight. So Our little North is all set to become a model. Now all we have to do is wait to see if Kim’s former fashion sense returns or if the monstrosity that Kanye was supporting translates into baby clothes. Personally I never liked leather kilts for adults much less children.

For the present Kim can continue showing glimpses of herself however she can’t keep it for long. Soon she has to regain her status as The Reality Queen or give up her throne. If she doesn’t fully reappear, she’ll be forgotten. To break it down for her. No publicity equals little sales and smaller allowances. Go back to selling yourself. Its what your good at.

Aug 6, 2013 |