Kim Kardashian Liposuction and Tummy Tuck to Reclaim her Pre-Baby Body?


One thing the world really seems to care about is what on earth Kim Kardashian is going to do with her body now that she’s given birth to one of the most famous baby’s in the universe. While she graces Star’s recent cover of Best/Worst Beach Bods (falling into the best bod category), another tabloid reports that she’s planning on undergoing a liposuction procedure as well as a tummy tuck to reclaim that pre-baby body she was famous for. What to do with this conflicting information? Gasp!

Life & Style claims that Kim K is “planning a drastic head-to-toe makeover — complete with surgeries and even a tummy tuck — to reclaim the size 2 figure that helped make her famous. Kim is always looking for the quick fix, including with her body,” says a person who claims to be a “friend” (but we don’t think real friends are supposed to do things like this, so let’s call her an “acquaintance”). “The way she looks is the most important thing to her.”

“Kim is still feeling very insecure about how her body has changed since giving birth. It is stretched and saggy in places and nowhere near as toned as she was in the past. Lipo, a boob lift and Botox are among the procedures on her hot-mama checklist.”

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Yikes, what do you make of these recent accusations? Will Kim Kardashian be heading to the operating room anytime soon? Or do you think this claim is a bunch of bologne and Kim’s new body will be (or already is?) a result of hard work, healthy diet, and hardKore Kardashian determination?

Image credit to FameFlynet / Star Mag