Kim Kardashian Profiting From Kanye West’s Baby Behind His Back! (Photo)

Kim Kardashian Profiting From Kanye West's Baby Behind His Back! (Photo)

We all know how greedy Kim Kardashian and her entire family are, so we weren’t shocked to see her trying to profit from her baby. Since she has gotten pregnant by her boyfriend Kanye West, she has made it a point to appear as if she wasn’t going to use their baby for financial gain. Now that things aren’t going so well for their relationship, she plans on making millions!

Kanye has been a pretty private guy with his personal life and when he knocked her up, it was said that they would keep their baby out of the limelight. Now, it appears that all of that has changed.

According to the latest cover of Life & Style magazine, Kim’s greedy plot to make millions of dollars off of their baby has been exposed! Plotting behind someone’s back to profit from your unborn child is kind of low, but we really don’t put anything past Kim these days. She will do just about anything for the almighty dollar, that’s for sure.

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One response to “Kim Kardashian Profiting From Kanye West’s Baby Behind His Back! (Photo)”

  1. alicia a says:

    what idiot didnt see that coming except Kanye… he should have ran long ago,, the woman is only about her greedy money hungry family and how they can profit off anybody and anything!